Swami Muktananda ( – ), the Siddha Guru, resided for the latter part of his life in Ganeshpuri, India. His inner blaze electrified a generation of people. Swami Muktananda was affectionately known by all as simply Baba. He was drawn to the spiritual path early in life after meeting the great ascetic yogi Bhagavan. We are writing this article in order to introduce a new way of understanding the late spiritual teacher, Swami Muktananda (), who.

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Inhowever, he got a hint. He also had a way of making his devotees feel special. While remaining in meditation, people laughed, cried, swayed. It gave me the feeling I had latched onto something that would answer my questions. Agama Pressp.

Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa () – Shanti Mandir

The Grimeses and the Dingas reported the threats to the police. Baba spoke in Hindi and his words were translated into English, yet his communication was beyond language and culture.

Though the ashrams were meditation centers, a surprising number of people in them had guns. Just the same, the devotees who left the ashram are still dealing with the damage done to their lives. No one asked the peasants’ opinion. They were trained and sent to teach, run Intensives and courses, and represent Baba in his expanding centers throughout the world. Stan Trout still considers Muktananda a great yogi, but a tragically flawed man.

Clean, and his two successors, a brother-sister team of swamis, continue to draw thousands of people searching for higher consciousness.


He came down from Boston, where Muktananda was staying, and punched Trout to the ground without provocation. A cruel hoax was played on Chandra. A German boy in his twenties, whom Dinga described as “obviously in a disturbed state” had mu,tananda flailing around during a meditation intensive.

Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa (1908-1982)

Later all had the opportunity to share their experiences. In India, they were isolated from their culture. Michael Dinga, an Oakland contractor who was head of construction for the ashram and a trustee of the foundation, said the guru’s sexual exploits were common knowledge in the ashram.

Callender, Nobody is a Nobody, Amazonp. While his followers were renovating a Miami hotel inMuktananda slept on the women’s floor, and ordered that the youngest be put in the rooms closest to his, and the older ones down the hall. Sally said that a breakfast that sold for two dollars actually cost the ashram about three cents. Together, they went to Muktananda to tell him why they wanted to leave. Sarah Caldwell argued that Muktananda was both an enlightened spiritual teacher and a practitioner of Shakta Tantrism, but also “engaged in actions that were not ethical, legal or liberatory with many disciples.

All agree that Muktananda was a man of unusual power. If God himself were to behave in this way, we would have to find him guilty of flagrant disregard for the law of love.

He received shaktipat initiation from him at 15 August of that year. From all indication Swami Muktananda helped thousands of people in his day – a fact that even disillusioned ex-devotees don’t dispute. The people in the ashram thought it was a great honor to be beaten by the guru.


In MayMuktananda muktanansa two successors as joint leaders of the Siddha Yoga path, Swami Chidvilasananda and her younger brother, Swami Nityananda who later resigned and formed his own group. In honorific style, he is often referred to as Swami Muktananda.

It was immediately clear to me that I could not represent a guru who was not only taking sexual advantage of his female devotees but was threatening with bodily harm those who revealed the truth about him. Devotees, on the other hand, had to get by myktananda small stipends, if they got anything. She says the gradual unfolding of the dark side of her guru’s personality chipped away at her love and respect.

His birth name was Krishna Rai. He was drawn to muktwnanda spiritual path muktanandda in life after meeting the great ascetic yogi Bhagavan Nityananda. He was a disciple and the successor of Bhagavan Nityananda. He placed a garland around his neck and announced to the hundreds of people present, This man will be my successor.

Food services head Chandra Dinga said the restaurants in the various ashrams were always big money-makers, where devotees worked long hours for free. When one of Michael’s crew stood up for him, he was threatened physically.