Though more staid (i.e. European) and fantastical (i.e. science fictional), J.G. Ballard’s collection Vermilion Sands nevertheless takes a. It’s a thematic collection, with all stories centred around Ballard’s futuristic Vermilion Sands resort, which, according to my Panther edition. Vermilion Sands: J.G. Ballard: Sands; these were collected in Vermilion Sands (). His short-story collection War Fever () contains humorously.

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Ballard is … one of the most accomplished creators sanrs evocative landscapes in modern fiction … he achieves this effect partly by painting his desert in the manner of Dali, a mixture of appalling clarity and the exotic. As fitting as it may be, the hollow and volatile excitements of life in a desert resort lack depth.

Vermilion Sands

Unlike much of his darker, melancholy works about lonely astronauts, despondent scientists, and troubled adventurers, there is a sense of playfulness and moments of outright humor. Lists with This Book. Just one more fascinating perspective into the imagination of a genius. Instead, I suggest you should read it for yourself. This technology beyond anyone’s imagination inhabits a world of sand and fallen celebrities in a series of vernillion about seemingly common people in the most uncommon of worlds.

Like I said, there’s lots more. Direct reference is made throughout to his most obvious touchpoint – Dali.

For instance, the stories feature an overabundant amount of rather vapid love affairs between the first-personal male and some beautiful female. In the late s and early s Ballard focused on a James Graham “J. Not necessarily his best stories taken individually but they work together more like a television serial hint! There are some good sci fi ideas here, like computers that write poetry that just need some coding to begin that deals with some questions on art, has mystery and is my favourite of the collection ‘psycotropic’ houses houses that reflect the emotions and personality of their occupants and singing statues, among several more I won’t spoil here.


Vermilion Sands is a collection of science fiction short stories by British writer J. You will not find science fiction like this anywhere else.

All of this is, as par of course, channeled through a language that is at times bursting with associations although not to the extent of his earliest workscross-contaminating neighbouring sentences and constantly imbuing them with a mystic energy that dares the reader to imagine what lies beyond the already fantastical veil.

The traces of man trapped in artefacts, at times more alive than actual characters and certainly much more alluring to them than the originals walking around, is what drives the mini-narratives.

May 02, Matt Vickers rated it really liked it Shelves: If we are to see the concept of future that movies and literature tend to offer, this is one that would truly inspire me. This premise allows, for example, the telling of a really good story about I like to think, too, that it celebrates the neglected virtues of the glossy, lurid and bizarre.

Imaginative, sometimes melancholy, often playful, frequently ironic, and unlike some of his other works never drawn out excessively. There are some good sci fi ideas here, like computers that wri Set on a beach resort in the future, these stories are richly written and sureal. All the stories are set in an imaginary vacation resort called Vermilion Sands which suggests, among other places, Palm Springs in southern California.

Homes that sigh, breathe, and murder. For once, Balla Possibly my favourite Ballard book. We should also seek to find and justify a consistent interpretation in terms of one theory before retreating to the position that Ballard created a mix of his own.

Still, dip in and out a story at a time, and much of what detracts fades away, leaving a series of short, worthwhile reads. Sonic Sculptures, Plants that hum and whine Beethoven, Buildings that shift and change according to the moods of it’s inhabitants, Wind Sculptures that cut clouds into faces with gliders, pirates that sail the sand seas among sand-rays and crystal groves. Want to Read saving…. Such an interpretation is at hand, and it is Jungian. I’m not sure why. Not only is this available in hard copy and Kindle, it is ballrad available for a single credit on Audible, providing 65 hours of thoughtful listening pleasure, read by excellent veteran narrators.


The blurb on some of the editions describes it best: The overall resonance of the individual stories is somewhat diminished by elements repeated in mostly every story present statuesque femmes fatales, a single technology getting the privilege of prismatically reflecting the sad vermullion of affairs, tension arcs that in the end prove to be mostly illusory which cause them to blur together when closing the book, but the in the author’s other works seldom-felt playfulness asnds burning, drowning or crystallizing worlds this time!

For a book that explores snads and desire in a deserted desert playground for the rich, there is very little sex. Even sand stories portray his unique writing style, his moodiness, his ability to describe the settings he is trying to picture. David Pringle wrote a pioneering study of it which is still very valuable 2 but does not form a single, coherent system. Ballard mines an uncanny valley of psychology, not where the physical appearance of an object is too human, but where its desires and behaviours are.

This book gave me a hard time, but it was worth it.

Vermilion Sands | work by Ballard |

But I do agree that Vermilion Sands is a deeper sqnds than, say, The Drowned World or The Drought, both of which are the equivalent of one of the short story ideas unpacked at novel length.

This is how Pringle reads him e. Ballard himself has provided some clues in interviews and nonfiction that suggest a productive approach. Latent urges manifest themselves in the physical world.

It’s the ideas and psychological outcomes of the scenarios where Ballard hits his groove, I think.