Bansuri use a relative scale, similar to the ‘do, re, mi’ concept. The notes are not measured in pitch (hertz), but are in relation to the first note. Have you ever dreamed of playing flute that too on classical songs from Hindi, English or Nepali songs. Now it is easy with this app. Additional practice sets are . For middle octave notes there will no symbols, example – middle octave Pa is denoted In flute we can produce P D N of the lower octave, S R G M P D N of the.

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Black or white spores may appear and you may notice an unpleasant smell. Happiness, agony, pain, disgust, anger, sorrow- everything can be related through the different kinds of music. It is also often associated with the separation of a lover. You abnsuri notice in this Raga Bhupali that Ma and Ni are omitted not played at all. You literally tap the hole of the note – on and off very quickly. Press your lips together. Verify the characters on the left. Anonymous February 5, at 9: This if very difficult to explain, but I will do my best here.

Nowadays these rules are not always followed however. Some players refuse to clean their flutes at all and will advise you not to do this. Bahsuri playing your flute for some time, you may notice that mold begins growing inside notatios flute around where you blow into it. The “Sthayi” which is the first part of the composition and is a central and dominant part of the composition, played many times and which allows us to express the lower register; and the second part called the “Antara” which allows us to explore the higher register and then come back to the lower register and go back to the beginning of the sthayi.


Tighten your lips as much as possible so that the air is flowing fast through a very small hole in your lips. Some players say that you should oil your flute once when you first get it and then never again.

Posted by Saurabh Kumar at So during the practice sessions, if you see ‘ m ‘ you will know this is ma played with the first hole half closed, and ‘ M ‘ is played with the first hole totally open. If you live in UK, avoid playing notatioons flute outside if the temperature is lower than 16C. How to play the composition: This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

The same is true for playing the bansuri.

Viewed times since 27th Nov, Try moving your embouchure hole around. Among all the instruments, flute is considered to be one of the modest and sober instruments used in music. Bronze and wood notaitons, books and apparel. As I mentioned ontations, each raga creates different emotions and feelings. Do not take this risk or your flute may crack or be damaged. Similarly if you are comfortable holding the flute left handed then first three holes should be closed from the fingers of the right hand and the last three holes should be closed from the fingers of the left hand.

How To Learn Flute. Bansuri use a relative scale, similar to the ‘do, re, mi’ concept. From this point we will reach Sa one octave above our starting note, with the same finger position as we started with, 3 holes closed.


The mold varies in appearance. When it comes to talk about music, you cannot deny the importance of musical instruments which are used along with music.


You can definitely relate all of your emotions with the help of music. Furthermore, the notation system is based on finger position, rather than tone. We need one system for the lower octave, one for the middle octave and another for the upper octave.

Flute Notes (Sargam)

Share our website with your friends. This is really great post to give basic idea for beginners about flute. The choice is yours! Exotic India you are great! Thank you so much. Titanic – Indian Flute Bansuri Notations. What this means is that. Try to produce a sound from your flute. Songs can be notated without an indication of octave, or showing S rather than ,S for the sake notahions ease. Make sure you allow your bansuri to adjust to room temperature before playing.

This cleans it perfectly every time and kills the bacteria. Those players who do oil their flutes say that the oil helps protect the flute and make it last longer. The natural scale of the bansuri is Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa excluding half notes – but when we play different ragas, we select only some of these notes. A raga is basically a melody produced by playing a set of specific notes and adhering to certain rules. Bansuri notesFlute notaitonsHidusthani classical musicTaare zameen par H olding the F lute: Handbook of Bansuri Flute: Samvadi 2nd important note: Of course if you are left handed you will use opposite hands.