How does a MechWarrior interface with a BattleMech? A companion volume to Total Warfare, the TechManual combines all the construction. BattleTech: TechManual – The Ultimate Grease-Monkey Resource! How does a MechWarrior interface with a BattleMech? How does a. A companion volume to Total Warfare, the BattleTech TechManual combines all the More than just a rulebook, however, the TechManual presents numerous.

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Classic Battletech Techmanual

David Delmont rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Tactical Operations is the one-source reference for advanced rules that apply to on-world operations. Total Warfare is the single-source rulebook for people who play BattleTech.

Open Preview See a Problem? And other combat and NON-combat things! Quick-Start Rules The Quick-Start Rules for A Time of War is available hereand includes rules, recordsheets and a brief adventure to get you familiar with the game and its mechanics.

Core Rulebooks | BattleTech: The Board Game of Armored Combat

BrokenMnemonic rated it really liked it Nov 03, Construction rules for the various units presented in Total Warfare can be found in TechManual. Logan rated it liked it Jan 10, Strategic Operations is the one-source rulebook for advanced rules aerospace assets that open the entire conquest of a solar system. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It includes new movement and combat options, an batttletech Advanced Weapons and Equipment section, and the rules for playing and constructing advanced Support Vehicles and Mobile Structures.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Choose your life in the universe: It includes new aerospace movement, combat and advanced aerospace unit construction rules, as well as comprehensive maintenance, salvage, repair and customization rules. Marshal your forces and prepare to conquer the Battlstech Sphere!

Classic Battletech Techmanual : Catalyst Game Labs :

High above the clouds, mighty WarShips emerge from hyperspace, laden with DropShips filled with reinforcements. It is not intended to teach new players the game, but rather to serve as a reference work for people who know the game, while introducing more technologies and expansive rules than appear in the basic box set. The coming of the Clans—descendants of the lost Star League army—did little to stem the slaughter.

Alpha Strikethe miniatures war game. The free PDF Primer at right is designed to quickly and easily walk you through everything the BattleTech game system has to offer and how each core rulebook below can be of interest to your gaming group. Books by Catalyst Game Labs. To ask tefhmanual readers questions about Classic Battletech Techmanualplease sign up.

Greg rated it liked it Jul 18, The volume also contains complete rules for devising solar systems, allowing players to recreate existing star systems or craft all-new worlds to challenge each other.

Wintermote rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Alpha Strike Companion adds legions of new rules and expanded options for BattleTech: Interstellar Operations zooms up to the final level, allowing players to assume the roles of House Lords and dominate the galaxy.


But more than that, players will find within these pages an expanded abstract aerospace system that will enable them to wage war from planet to jump point, while a handy conversion system opens the path to translating the stats for any BattleTech unit to its fast-playing Alpha Strike equivalent.

Vorith rated it liked it Jan 31, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Return to Book Page. Liftoff planet and conquer an entire solar system!

Visit strange and distant worlds, and battle alien beasts beyond your wildest dreams! For the first time, all the rules for various units that have a direct impact on the deadly battlefields of the thirty-first century appear in a unified rules set: Mark rated it really liked it Sep 18, Take your warfare to a whole new level of excitement!

With this expansion, players will unlock new tactical abilities, special warrior options, design tecchmanual, and unit types.


Joel rated it liked it Nov 19, Or how can I techmanaul make my own, cool and unique BattleMech design? Finally, a complete game system– BattleForce –allows players to use their existing miniatures and mapsheets to play quick, fast-paced BattleTech games, from companies to battalions and even regiments.

Hardcoverpages. Jim rated it really liked it Aug 16,