This presentation has unquestionably achieved legendary status. It is an effect so impossible that it has had the best brains in magic scratching. From what I’ve read, Berglas perfomed the trick for other magicians who were stunned. The man performing the trick is Berglas’s best friend. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most.

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Good audience management increases the impossibility considerably. Why do I only see two clips for his performance on Youtube?

When the card is revealed the audience will have forgotten that David ever had the opportunity to put it there. Just one stooge, a berlas deck, a miracle! Conceivably—every brand in town.

Generally though he thinks that revealing a card by spelling its name is to be avoided. David verglas memorised them all and he knows where every card lies in the pack.

Magic Tricks

He was one of the first magicians to appear on Bergpas television. He chooses from the options that are presented to him and hammers his way through the revelations one at a time, pausing briefly to point each effect before carrying on to the next. For more intimate presentations, the effect works well one-on-one, or for a small group. In performance he asks two gentlemen to come up from the audience to help him.


Mr Kaufmann seems to be a most unlikeable fellow, and I rarely visit his dreadful little forum anyway. It seems to me that a Pass must be used, or something similar.

Berglas Effect

Having established that it would be a miracle if the efcect was at the chosen number he then adds, “Now if I dealt the cards you might berglax some kind of sleight of hand. He wants the spectator to grip the pack at its long sides, that way they are more likely to cut to the bridge. First he springs the upper half of the pack, face down, from one hand to the other several times. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat His weekly broadcasts included sensational stunts, including hanging a box over Regent Street, London for a whole week.

That is—the Genii of my youth, back in the early s when Bill Larsen, Jr.

begrlas It is simply impossible. Everyone who loves science is here! They will memorize a deck of cards and have people say a number and recite which card it is.

It contained a brief description of David’s nightclub act which took place at Caesar’s Palace, Luton, 31st Auguston the night of the recording and included his own summary of this neo classic:. Werner “Dorny” Dornfield Numerous other television series followed and were highly acclaimed in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Germany.


The duplicate card may be dropped on top of the pack under cover of this hand, mere seconds prior to showing that is in fact the Ten Of Spades.

David Berglas – Wikipedia

A card might find its way into a spectator’s pocket, under their chair, inside a clock or outside a window. I knowit does exist, just kidding. At the centre of the pack is a bridge that he can cut to instantly. If I were the cynical type I might suppose that it was designed that way merely in order to discourage other magicians from attempting it. You are commenting using your WordPress.

‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer | jkeyes

I say stupidly amazing for the fact, magicians can see what you are doing, but your audience won’t. Obviously, if someone chooses a card, they will find it in the deck at one of 52 different positions.

All the cards are in the deck somewhere.

The End by Rick.