Buy Beware of Boys (Picture Puffin) New Ed by Tony Blundell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Once again, the wolf gets the worst of it: the boy he brings home for dinner tempts him with a recipe for “Boy Soup,” but first the wolf must.

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Eventually the poor and tired wolf is worn out, noys is literally overwhelmed by all of the work he has put in to the preparation of his meal.

Due the length of the book it can also be used cross curricular in ICT, as learning about story writing, where you can use this in applications such as story beeware where children can create their own short story similar to the book and add in their own illustrations. The wolf’s intentions are clear from the start; he plans on eating the boy. The illustrations inside the book are also colourful and very good to help children gain a better understanding of what is happening in the story.

Overall this is a good read and teachers could incorporate this story in various ways to bewate their teaching. However the boy cleverly distracts the wolf from eating him straight away by suggesting he makes a soup. The little boy traps the wolf in his cave and manages to make it home in time for supper. Taking the story further, children can discuss the moral behind the story and the real victim.

Upon returning to his cave and the bewware, the boy tells the wolf that he has forgotten oc salt, an ingredient that was never mentioned. I would highly recommend this for guided reading for year 2 upwards as some of the text and the use of puns may be blunrell difficult for those younger.

With each errand the wolf becomes increasingly tired and frustrated. If only it were that simple. It can link into list writing, recipe writing and method writing; all these different areas within the story.

BEWARE OF BOYS by Tony Blundell , Tony Blundell | Kirkus Reviews

It soon becomes obvious that this is a very astute boy, that knows exactly how to deceive the Wolf. The blunndell is cheerful toyn confident, while the boy-eating wolf is greedy but stupid. They can try out a simple recipe themselves no boy soup though! Beware of Boys is about a stupid wolf capturing a clever and clever young boy and wanting to eat him for dinner. From the beginning, the boy has the upper hand because he is cunning and tricks the wolf with the promises of a tastier meal.


‘Boy Pie’ recipe – ‘Beware of Boys’, Tony Blundell

Brilliant read, well illustrated. It is about a young boy who goes for a walk on the woods. Oct 10, Aaron Campling rated it really liked it.

Tony lives near Exeter. The story of this book could be told by children themselves through role play; this keeps them active, engaged and interested in literacy lessons. Oct 02, Robbi rated it it was amazing. For the visual learners in the class this book will be enthralling as the pictures are wonderfully presented. Sep 29, Jamila rated it really blunsell it. When the wolf returns to his cave there is a loud crash with all the items from the three recipes tonh on the wolf.

For example, pupils with poor reading comprehension can be asked questions that are on the surface of the text — such as, what is the moral to the story?

‘Boy Pie’ recipe – ‘Beware of Boys’, Tony Blundell | TES Community

Blundelp enjoyed reading the book and was kept engaged throughout. The boy outwits him by giving him several recipes, first for boy pie, then boy cake, then boy soup. The wolf simply cannot resist the temptation to gather together the ingredients required for this delicious snack. He then gives the wol This book is about a Little boy who manages to outsmart a wolf who has captured him, whilst taking a short cut in the forest. Mr Blunde,l bites off more than he can chew when he spots a boy in the woods and decides to eat him for his dinner.

Oct 02, Katherine Dyson rated it really liked it. I feel that children would enjoy putting their own ideas and viewpoints into creating their own twisted tales. Also, throughout the entire book the boy is always smiling and the wolf is mainly looking confused, tired and impatient.

For example, if the boy were to be portrayed as scared at the beginning when being taken away or if the artwork were to be less cartoon in its nature and more blunell. And the wolf obliges by roaring – because he had misunderstood the question. This story is best suited for year 2 bewre it contains some difficult words, tricky language features and some concepts which children might misinterpret.


Oct 13, Kirsty Rice blndell it it was amazing. The trickster boy is likely to appeal to many boys humour in the class and engage them possibly into further reading for fun at home.

They will also enjoy the vibrant and comical illustrations which express so much of the story itself to the extent where a bllundell will be able to recognise what may happen next. I must say I throughout this book I sincerely laughed!

He then sits down to a delicious meal that his mother has lovingly prepared for him. I personally found the mildly dark humour employed ammusing, proving very effective alongside the ellaborately detailed bewarf. The text is easily divided into sections blundwll questions can be easily developed for each of the sections to successfully assess children’s language comprehension. The inclusion of recipes throughout the book would make an excellent cross-curricular resource for English where children could devise their own recipes.


Overall this is an engaging text for children with vivid illustrations and humorous plot to enthuse a child to blunfell more if not learn about structure and write their own. He then continues to trick the wolf into collecting several unnecessary items by telling him different recipes of how to cook yummy boy.

It also use repetition in threes to aid the learner in the structure of the story which would be useful in KS1 for sequenci This book follows the story of a young boy who encounters hony with a hungry wolf. The little boy asks the wolf whether he will cook him first and the wolf replies saying what he had in mind. The book is very original,humorous and engaging for children especially those who have read the original fairy tales.

I think this tale would be suitable for the higher years in Key Stage 1 and the lower years in Key Stage 2. There is a brilliant twist at the end of the story which is complemented by small nods to this throughout the story and ‘This is no ordinary fairy tale and no ordinary small boy!