Bewketu Seyoum. likes · talking about this. OFFICIAL FAN PAGE. Bewketu Seyoum is a novelist and poet from Ethiopia. Currently he lives in. Bewketu seyoum. See more of Ethiopian poems የኢትዬጲያ ስነ-ፅሁፍ መድረክ on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Ethiopian poems. Bewketu Seyoum is a young Ethiopian writer from Gojjam, southwest of Addis Ababa. He studied psychology at Addis Ababa University and.

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My proposal puts forward a way to resolve the situation. A Poem Refracted through Three Languages.

Those that persist as beggars must be removed from the country and stopped from finding homes in neighboring countries better a country that forfeits some of her own citizens rather than one filled with dishonest unlicensed beggars. The door opened and there was a lady inside.

Then he came back to the dumpster and resumed his search. Cia RinneNebiy Mekonnen. It was no matter, as I concluded that it was better to be driven home in comfort by a car that cost twenty thousand than to be killed by one costing half a million.

Bewketu Seyoum with Translator, Cheryl Moskowitz | Literary Arts Program

I warned my nose: It would not do to break with tradition, after all. The people assigned to remove the beggars will be compensated from funds created from a specially assigned budget. On my way home I saw a beggar searching a dumpster outside a restaurant. The project I want to do focuses on begging. Honest beggars would have begging stations opened up for them and be poek to beg on several major avenues in central Addis Ababa as well as on a few of the roads that spread themselves widely across the capital.


Proletarian Poetry

I walked into a restaurant to rest my feet. The poison will cost you five birr. I am suggesting the following steps be taken:. In this tongue-in-cheek story from Ethiopia, a man ponders his spending habits, his proposal to regulate Bewketj beggars, and whether seyuom end his own life. I figured the best option would be to use a noose. He has published two further verse collections and two novels.

I have been undisciplined in my spending habits thus far only because I have not been thinking in exact numbers and figures.

Bewketu Seyoum New Short Poem-እውነት እንደ ሎሌ

I spent another fifty birr and bought a hat—alas it is only baldness and not frugality that is hereditary. When we were done eating, we walked together to wash our hands. I really am making bewkeut effort to save.

This factor contributes to the negative image the rest of the world has of the country and results in the loss of respect for its people. How could I give my attention to a person that I had just bewkegu to pay for? Subscriber Tools Renew Donate. At first only old or rusted cars, buses cloudy with dust, and mud-covered bulldozers drove by. If they complain, advise them on how to create other jobs for themselves and, if they are not able to do so, remove them from the capital.


Being run over by a piece of machinery worth five hundred thousand birr felt a suitably dignified way to go, like spilling milk rather than blood. The project would cost a few hundred thousand birr. This seemed a deliberate attempt at causing trouble.

Glossary key wot — a traditional spicy stew made from cayenne peppers Bole — an upper-class area that has commercial and residential centers berbere — a richly colored spice mixture Editorial note: I am suggesting the following steps be taken: Having made my decision, I stood on the side of the road at Arat Kilo and began to wait. Recruit a team of sociologists to conduct a study on the standards of beggars and grant those that are the most honest begging licenses. I tried to tell myself that my tears were for others, not for me.

By the way, I eventually married the woman who was neither young nor old and had given me the ride, and we lived together blissfully for a while until I resumed my old plem of spending fifty birr a day and she divorced me.

Now I newketu being tempted by his invitation as well as the smell of his food. The bigger the book is, the easier it is to find it when you lose it in the house. His poetry has appeared in Modern Poetry in Translation and Callaloo.