This instruction manual should contain all the information you’ll need for installing your Installing Blackmagic ATEM Software on Mac OS X .. ATEM Television Studio supports SD and HD video and is capable of switching 6 external inputs. Installing Blackmagic ATEM Software on Mac OS X. 14 .. ATEM Television Studio supports SD and HD video and is capable of switching 6 external inputs from. View online or download Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Installation And Manuals and User Guides for Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio Pro HD. We have . Installing Blackmagic Atem Software On Mac Os

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The front panel aux button makes it easy to select exactly what you want to send to the aux output. Theoretically, this is all you need to multi-camera switch a live event, the ATEM Television Studio, a multi-viewer monitor and a laptop.

For more complex, faster manuxl productions, the ATEM Television Studio Pro models are the perfect combination of a professional control panel with built in switcher.

It will blackmmagic out an H. This setup will also allow you to drop in graphics with Photoshop.

ATEM Television Studio – Tech Specs | Blackmagic Design

Source Names Display The multi-viewer connection was one of the only problems I had getting the system broadcast ready. Updating Via Ethernet Learn more about Tech Specs. Blackmagic Ultrascope Interface There are quite a few solutions that will meet most of these requirements but the ATEM seemed to fill them all. That means you can even have 8 inputs, all running different video formats!

The Blackmagic Studio Camera can be controlled via the SDI program feed to the camera, so you can control its built in camera settings and full color corrector, all remotely from the ATEM software control panel!


Imagine using a picture in picture effect to superimpose a commentator when covering events such as sports, training videos, interviews and even gaming competitions. Multi View Settings The multiview SDI and HDMI outputs make it mnaual to monitor your inputs, program and preview on any display, including big screen televisions.

Working With Usb 3. Media Players Tab I mentioned earlier that there was a Photoshop interface.

Blackmagicdesign ATEM Television Studio Pro HD Manuals

Fade To Black Auxiliary outputs can be selected to any video input, media players, the preview bus, test signals and more! The all in one design includes a built in AC power supply, full front panel controls with input source buttons for switching, a built in LCD screen, spin knob and more.

Use the professional audio mixer to mix audio from all inputs and audio from the analog XLR inputs and talkback mic input. Understanding The Audio Controls Controlling Auxiliary Outputs Live production situations demand the highest reliability.

ATEM Television Studio

Offset Color Control Changing Switcher Settings Joystick Ptz Controls Understanding The Atem Switcher Work alone on your laptop computer or, for more complex events, use multiple laptops and people to switch, control cameras, mix audio, and manage graphics and media, all at the same time! For switcher upgrades, blackmwgic or to use the Photoshop Graphics interface you need to connect a USB 2. You can switch between multiple cameras, game consoles and computers in real time, all with broadcast quality transitions, graphics and effects!

I am hoping that BlackMagic will come up with a solution to this either through their Media Express software or integration with Adobe Live Encoder. If you are recording an H. That means you can create a program right from the front panel! Download Manual Download Software.


The BlackMagic Designs ATEM Television Studio | Product Profiles | Equipment

Mise En Route Changing The Switcher Network Settings Controlling Hyperdecks With Atem Software The SDI program output lets you connect to professional decks and recorders, like HyperDeck Studio Mini, so you can record your program at the highest possible quality. The 4K model includes the new ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyer for better control, image sampling, foreground color and spill correction for more seamless chroma keying.

It gives some good tips for live productions and has some nice illustrations and explanations of the ATEM features. Before becoming a teacher, Mr.

To record a full resolution SD or HD signal you will need an outboard recorder. Allows direct connection between panel and chassis, or via network. System Control Tleevision Menu Connecting Video Studdio Using Camera Control Plus the 4K model even supports switching the multiview output to Ultra HD. You can blackmagiic all of your cameras, tally indicators, graphics, preview and final program output all on the same display at the same time.

Customize labels, see audio meters, set safe area markers, and more! You get a professional hardware control panel with high quality buttons that makes it faster to switch sources, add stunning effects, smoothly manage and color grade remote cameras, mix audio, and key graphics, all live and in real time!