Blackmailed Into Bed By Lynda Chance – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Blackmailed Into Bed by. Lynda Chance Chapter One Amy sat in her stalled car on the side of the busy interstate and tried not to panic. The big, black pick-up. Blackmailed Into Bed by Lynda Chance Chapter One Amy sat in her stalled car on the side of the busy interstate and tried not to panic. The big, black pick-up.

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Her hair was loose and wild. His big, rough hand glackmailed to her ear, and his thumb rubbed across her top lip. Hard, strong hands gripped her from behind.

Blackmailed Into Bed : Chapter 1

She started shaking, and lowered her lashes in self defense. Typical hot, alpha, overbearing male — yummy! Divorced mom and teacher Amy Sanford refuses to get involved with a police officer. Strong arms caged her against the door. Get something new, dear writer! It was like trying to contain fire behind cardboard. It was best that she kept the interaction between them to a minimum. Lynda Chance always has a short, intense read to keep me entertained. I had a straight face after reading that little paragraph.


She knows nothing about the dude, they have sex all the time and she’s in blackmaiiled, he’s in love.

Blackmailed Into Bed – Lynda Chance – Google Books

He leaned down and looked in the window where she sat. This lovely short story really hit the spot. I enjoyed this book and it was a nice interlude between two more heavy mattered books! Past events that formed who she was, wouldn’t allow a man in law enforcement into her life.

Cahnce was going to be dark soon. Amy can feel herself falling for the dominant man who seems to want more and more from her, but she’s scared. If you have any questions please send email novelsbuzz [at] gmail [dot] com. He fiddled with something for a few minutes.

Baton Rouge blackmaiked exactly a blac,mailed of crime, but in a city this large, anything could, and often did, happen. Yet Amy’s past of losing her police officer father on the blackmailee keeps her from making anything public with Jake. Trivia About Blackmailed Into Adult Erotica Rated 4. But we’re going to have to get married.

Well, it’s not like she had much “You’ve had my guts tied up for ten weeks. His booted feet planted solidly apart. I only fuck you and you only lyna me.

Her nerves cranked up a notch. Only Amy’sfears and her insistence of staying away from law enforcement officers has prevented her from acting on the attraction between her and the sexy lieutenant. Chapter Two Amy parked her car in his double driveway next to his pick-up. He finds out the truth one dark night when she is stranded on the side of the road.


She had a stack of school books and folders. He had taken cold showers every night for ten long weeks after watching her sexy little body moving around the back of the classroom.

When a possible suitor begins making advances towards Amy, jealousy and possessiveness explode. Only, you won’t feel frustrated, unlike me.

Blackmailed Into Bed

You can forget your girlfriend tonight, you’re coming to my house. Men were such dicks. Jake is disturbed by his feelings of contentment and urges to make their relationship official, but not enough to give Amy up. To view it, click here. Amy’s timidness is a turn on that Jake finds alluring but annoying chancw the same time.