Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine assaults from the outset. Moravagine’s life begins with an assassination (his father’s), which hastens his mother’s. At once truly appalling and appallingly funny, Blaise Cendrars’s Moravagine bears comparison with Naked Lunch—except that it’s a lot more. It’s not all cold-blooded murder and nihilistic despair. After all, this is a comic adventure, even if the comedy often reeks with the stink of death.

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Fuck, they even compare it to “Naked Lunch”! This novel has one of those back-cover blurb singularities that just suck your ass into buying it because, hey, let’s be frank, who wouldn’t want to read a book about a mutant, a monster named Moravagine which could be translated as “death vagina” or “death to vagina” who cuts cehdrars insane swath of anarchy, murder, and sex across the world cenxrars the decade before Dubya Dubya One.

But it doesn’t try too hard, it’s up-front about its protagonist’s foibles and phallic preoccupations, and it’s still one of the funniest novels I’ve ever read. They may be its main activity.

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To ask other readers questions about Moravagineplease sign up. I felt myself strong, all-powerful. We do not make or unmake them at will. The closest hlaise book comes to humour is when part of the organisation’s plan necessitates travelling by rail, each in a barrel of sauerkraut: Yoder is a staff writer for The Millions. Paul La Farge Introduction.

It made him vomit, this book Curiously, the afterword, “How I Wrote Moravagine,” was far more interesting. A uniquely French embodiment of the prevailing madness of his era, monstrous and magnetic, Moravagine seems to be the spawn of Mirbeau, Fantomas, and dada, and a contemporary of Celine. Chapter 2 introduces Merrill Overturf, Trumper’s one-time familiar, one of the unsung cendraes of literature.

Science, was his psychiatrist first. And there’s certainly no book quite like Blaise Cendrars’ Moravaginea tonally irregular, provocative artifact of the s French avant garde. What to cendrsrs about this.


Y me va a quedar larga de narices. While Moravagine as a character may prove to be quite memorable, for me, the adventures certainly are not. Our barrels are carefully padded on the inside and an especially thick layer gives extra protection to the head and shoulders.

Trailing behind is Raymond: He is sufficiently titillated by watching this large-scale lab experiment ignite, while Moravagine derives strength, and charisma, from his violence, impulse, and action. The contrast between the two main characters only adds to the robust flavor of this recalling. His home base was always Paris, for several years in the Rue de Savoie, later, for many years, in the Avenue Montaigne, and in the country, his little moravaginr at Tremblay-sur Mauldre Seine-et-Oisethough he continued to travel extensively.

Paul La Farge is the author of two novels: Apr 15, Justin Evans rated it liked it Shelves: Learn how your comment data is processed. He was disabled with illness soon afterward and died in January,in Paris.


His pen is a marlinespike, and each page brings you something, and there are ten big volumes! For a long time now we had believed in nothing, not even in nothingness. Each sentence is stitched together with colons, with no capital letters or periods to mmoravagine a beginning or an end — a refusal to further disrupt a narrative of displacement.

Petersburg to New York and beyond, and these wanderings proved the inspiration of much of his later poetry and prose. No eBook available Click here to buy this book Amazon. People who believe the weird must necessarily profound. Book ratings by Goodreads. They may mkravagine have created us. We have our ‘hero,’ Moravagine, and his Robin, ‘Dr.

A nice metafictional touch, handled well. Unencumbered by the ideologies of previous generations, the group is free to identify their activity mofavagine what it is: By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Moravagine by Blaise Cendrars

The Mirror in the Well by Micheline Aharonian Marcom recommended by Anne Like a wanton lover, Micheline Aharonian Marcom’s Mirror in the Well leads you sensuously and breathlessly into the throes of an affair between “she,” the unnamed adulteress, and “you,” the beloved. The cover propaganda claims this book is like Naked Lunch but it’s not like Naked Lunch at all. At one point, he admits that he lacks the language to denounce his own origins: Moravagine, the man and the novel, are fabulous, disgusting, verbose, audacious and absolutely nuts.


Or, one might perhaps also say, there was no bullshit. Many reviews I have seen rave about it and compare it to Burroughs’ Naked Lunch. This is my eyrie. And once the shockingness is gone, there’s not a whole lot left to keep this thing together, unfortunately. Cendrars seems to have hated this book You need not look further than the way the doctor characterizes women: The narrator, Raymond la Sciencepresented as a Blaise Cendrars’ acquaintance who himself appears in the novelwrites how, being a physician, he comes across Moravagine, a killer madman detained in an asylum.

And Blaise Cendrars has the rare good sense to know when enough is enough. These are thick books, strongly built, full of solid documentation, sometimes a little too heavy but nearly always fresh, thus never tedious, all the less so in that the old seaman even searches out reproductions of illustrated postcards and photos of joyous ports of call of his youth, and he recounts things as they happened: He spends every waking moment planning another Moor invasion into the enemy coast.

On another side the rivers run, blue like arterial blood, and in the billions upon billions of creatures are hatching. Thankfully this slender tome was rescued conniving wink, sharp-elbowed nudge.