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For that reason he utilizes his musical and literary careers as a manifestation flija resistance and political participation. Help Center Find new research papers in: Prognosis; Decolonial Poetic Exhale more.

Imarginacion : La Poetica del Hip Hop Como Desmesura de Lo Politico

In this album I,arginacion experiments with a new sound, utilizing stylized mainstream hip hop beats. Retrieved 19 November Bocafloja lives with his family in New York City.

An engaged intellectual with creative answers to the pressing problems of our contemporary world. Bocafloja burst on the Mexican hip hop scene with the release of his debut album, Pienso Luego Existoin Is it the rumbling of the accumulation of Thus far, the extraordinary music, poetry and rap of Bocafloja has not been available in English.

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ImaRginacion its the first literary project produced by members of the Hip Hop community in Mexico and is one of the first of its kind in the rest of Latin America and the Spanish speaking countries. Views Read Edit View history. Rapperspoken word artistpoetlecturer. Yes, but it is also the sounds of resistance, the growing reclaiming of humanity, the reassertion of culture as a political weapon.

Hip hopspoken wordworld. InBocafloja released Jazzyturno. The album, produced in grand part by Soulman, contains tracks with a soulful feel. Aldo Villegas born 12 Julybetter known by his stage name Bocaflojais a rapperpoetspoken word artistand outspoken social communicator from Mexico CityMexico.


Darker Shade of Brown: It is the sound of rap, of poetry of music, of the rhythms of liberation. The album is composed of 16 soul and jazz infused beats with profound, insightful, and always critical lyricism.

In Bocafloja released A Titulo Personal. In groups of young people who were fans of hip hop in Mexico City began to come together at small house parties.

Retrieved 25 September Bocafloja began his musical career in the mids with the groups Lifestyle — and Microphonk Mexico CityMexico. And yet, it is precisely imzrginacion of this language offers a site of resistance and reclamation, of rupturing the world, offering new ways of knowing and thinking.

A departure from his previous album with jazz infused beats.

Matriz Preludio al Pienso inBocafloja has transgressed into one of the most revered icons in the hip hop scene in Mexico. The couple has one child, son Emir Villegas-Garcia born Bocafloja performing in New York City, The album’s content does not cease to push the envelope with Bocafloja’s politically infused lyric, but “Existo” stands out among previous albums with its sophisticated poetic discourse. Lyrically Bocafloja critically addresses topics such as institutionalized racism, social and political oppression, mental slavery, colonialism, and other human conditions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bocafloja is recognized in Mexico as the pioneer of the utilization of hip hop culture as an alternative tool to create awareness, developing a different form for political participation that reaches and is more relevant to marginalized youth.

His first tracks were recorded in rudimentary home studios. Bocafloja, like many other young people in Mexico, was first exposed to hip hop thanks to immigration patterns between the United States and Mexico. As a solo artist sincehe released his demo EP album Lengua Insurrecta in El Manual de la Otredadthe artist’s fourth full-length album, was released in Existo’s sound is reminiscent of early s classic hip hop albums with its jazz influenced beats—a trademark of Bocafloja.



Modernity and colonial world, the geopolitics of knowledge, border thinking. Archived from the original on Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The album, which established Bocafloja as a solo artist, represented a radical departure from his previous musical projects in his initial career with its politically infused lyric.

Matriz Preludio al Piensoreleased inwas the first album Bocafloja wrote and released after moving to the United States in Prognosis is his second literary project.

Imarginaxion has been connected with several political organizations that support emancipatory and anti-colonial struggles. The album contains the hit single “Tiempo”, which has proven to be Bocafloja’s most famous single.

It is a project that speaks about the invisibility of people of color and the discomfort that individuals cause in certain settings. Memory and Modernity in Latinamerica. His initial musical influences were completely varied, referencing hip hop artists from the United States, given at the time Spanish language rappers were limited if not non-existent.