View and Download Bosch PDO 6 original instructions manual online. PDO 6 Security Sensors pdf manual download. Digital multi ( pages). Shop Bosch PDO Multi Digital Detector (Old Version) (Old Version). Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. CANopen Data Transfer – Process Data Objects PDO. The drive controllers have been developed for use in single- and multi- axis drive and control tasks.

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Bosch PDO 6 Original Instructions Manual

If required, wipe the measuring tool dry using a cloth. Bosch Power Tools 1 X43 3.

Mocht het meetgereedschap ondanks zorgvuldige fa- bricage- en testmethoden toch defect raken, dient de anlietung te worden uitgevoerd door een erkende klan- tenservice voor Bosch elektrische gereedschappen. Main page Brands Categories Search. For steel wire mesh, it is typical that anleltung indicator for magnetic metals h is displayed directly above the rebar; the indicator for non-magnetic metals i is displayed between the rebars.

Wartung Ihres Produkts sowie zu Ersatzteilen. After a brief self-check, the measuring tool is ready for operation.

Page of Go. Bei abgeschaltetem Signalton erscheint im Display die Anzeige j. The measuring indicator f has the greatest pdk over the centre of the wooden object.



Viale Misurata 32 Milano Tel.: Page 83 Neem de batterij of de accu uit het meetgereed- schap als u het langdurig niet gebruikt. Betriebsarten Das Messwerkzeug detektiert Objekte unterhalb des Sensorbereiches 9. Dopo ripetuti passaggi, la posizione del cavo 1 X43 pddo.

When an object is indicated at the same location in this function, then it is clearly a metal object and not a wooden object.

Bosch pdo 6 pdf

The battery can corrode or discharge itself over long periods. Im Display erscheint die Anzeige der Zoom-Funktion d. With the “ZOOM” button 4 pressed, evenly move the measuring tool over the surface without lifting off or changing the applied pressure. For non-magnetic metals, the indicator for non-magnetic metals i is displayed.

Ta det vanlige batteriet hhv. Italiano Condizioni e stato delle pareti p. Anleitug die Anzeige k, dann sind noch ca. Detecting Wooden Objects When scanning for wooden objects, press the wood-detection button 5. Wipe away debris or contamination with a dry, soft cloth. Reiben Sie das Messwerkzeug gegebenenfalls mit einem Tuch trocken.

However, stranded cables are not indicated contrary to solid copper conductors. To localise the object precisely, press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed while repeatedly 3x moving the measuring tool over the object.


Bosch pdo 6 pdf – Manuell KOSTENLOS

Vanlige og oppladbare batterier anleitnug korrodere ved lagring over lengre tid eller lades ut automatisk. Page 71 In caso di non utilizzo per lunghi periodi, estrarre la batteria oppure la batteria ricaricabile dallo strumento di misura.

Norsk Veggenes type og tilstand f. El indicador boscn calibrado “AutoCal” g y el anillo 1 se apagan. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Only for EC countries: Handelt es sich bei dem gefundenen metallischen Objekt um ein magnetisches Metall z. Suomi Seinien koostumus ja kunto esim.

Sie erkennen diese Bereiche in der Funktion Metallsuche. Ist das Messwerkzeug sehr nahe an der Leitung vier bzw.

For this, remove the pencil 11 anleltung the measuring tool and carry out the scan as usual. In questo caso inviare lo strumento di misurazione ad un punto di assistenza autorizzato per gli elettroutensili Bosch. We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you.

When the battery indication k in the display lights up, measuring is possible for approx.