Green for Life has ratings and reviews. Sarah said: I like green smoothies. They are indeed tasty as this book states and definitely a health b. Green for life / by Victoria Boutenko ; foreword by. A. William Menzin. p. cm. eISBN: 1. Nutrition. 2. Raw foods. 3. Smoothies (Beverages). 4. Green for Life details the immense health benefits of greens and suggests smoothies as an easy way to consume them in sufficient quantities.

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She teaches classes on healthy living and raw food all over the world. Good material Much needed information on nutrition!

Green for Life

Her enthusiasm shines through, which is nice. Fortunately, however, this nutrition book, more so than any other, prescribes incredible ease in traversing that gulf. I wanted to read The Green Smoothie Revolutionbecause that’s what I think it will be, but there were no copies available through my library. Gleaned some fun boutenmo facts, but unprofessional writing style and contradictory ideas made me skeptical of her philosophy.

I really enjoyed this quick read, especially with my recent health kick. She ten I like green smoothies. Victoria Boutenko; Igor Boutenko; Sergei Boutenko; Valya Boutenko make a good case for not just “going green”, but for green smoothies.

But you can easily adapt the recipes to have more greens and less fruit in them. Her writing style was engaging and it was hard not to like her by the end of the book. Would it be doable to blend-to-freeze portions of these recipes for combining later?


Looking forward to getting more fiber in my diet and to get the benefits of going green! Each to their own, truly, but I just wanted to put a warning out there for anyone being pressured to eat all raw and all vegan and feeling terrible while doing it. But this book is not good.

Unfortunately, you have to wade through a whole bunch of pseudo-science literature and personal testimonials before you get to anything useful. This book is full of poor writing coupled with wild assertions and hackneyed personal “research”.

I once got pleasantly, energetically “high” drinking about a quarter of a cup of some beautiful emerald-colored parsley juice, so I am definitely open to Boutenko’s claims that green smoothies can help us feel much better.

I’ve been drinking various types of green smoothies for a few years, so I expected to find more recipe ideas and suggestions for different types of greens. I found the making of these smoothies labor intensive. I encourage everyone to give the green s This is a book you can read in a couple of hours. I’m sold on the idea of green smoothies but unfortunately Mrs.

Jun 23, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: So, my wife and I tried green smoothies, and at first glance they looked horrible! I would grfen liked information on freezing green smoothies: If you are going to try green smoothies then for equipment all you need is a regular blender – not the very expensive version the author tries to sell you by directing you to her website.


What is healthy for a chimp is NOT what is healthy booutenko a human! Feb 18, WWG rated it really liked it. Boutenko peddles as fact. Acids are not high pH, but low pH. My recommendation would be to look up green smoothies online, try out some basic recipes for a month, and see if you don’t feel better.

By the w Green smoothies?! Read it in Swedish, but it wasn’t available here in the Swedish version She makes several technical errors in this book like saying that her Vita-Mix blender’s motor runs at boutenkp up to mph.

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

Strongly recommend both the book and the addition of a daily shot of green smoothies to anyone! The book ‘Catching Fire’ explains why cooking food and eating meat and eggs made us who we are and why cooked veggies are easier to digest than raw ones.

Mar 10, Deb rated it it was amazing.