In her chilling third novel, Yovanoff (The Space Between) combines supernatural horrors with others that are all too human. Hannah Wagnor is. Dear Brenna Yovanoff: I read your debut novel, The Replacement, a couple years ago and loved it. I put your sophomore effort, The Space. Review: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff. Been waiting a long time for this book. Finally got to read it:) It was different from what I thought it.

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A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review. Hannah has been seeing visions, glimpses from the victims. If Hannah is the main character, then Lillian is the second.

Goodreads – Buy it.

There were hints of blood, bruises and cuts but never anything that would cause vertigo over the disturbing killings.

Loved your honest review.

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff

We had the beginnings of a romance and it was alright as he was just alright. Niki January 21, at 2: Well rounded and added diversity to the story. I found their relationship touching, and loved that there was much more focus upon yovanoft than usual.

What made him go that far? Ever since Lillian’s death from anorexia, Hannah has been haunted by her best friend. I was a bit bored and was wondering if yoovanoff I should just stop listening and get back to it at another time. She also has a side to her, a hidden depression, that only her dead friend and the reader gets to glance at.


Hannah is joined by a likeable cast of characters: Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff After reading that book blurb and looking over that GORGEOUS cover, doesn’t it get you super excited to read this gripping thriller of a mystery that’s about a killer stalking the streets of Ludlow and there is one girl who is able to fix it all with the help of her ghostly friends and her boyfriend who everyone deems the killer prematurely?

If she’s depressed, I was set in a melancholic subtleness, then when I reached the creepy scenes of tense mystery I was almost immediately dragged into this phase where you just want to look behind your shoulder and jump at every freak in the floor. Mitch knows his life is on the verge of big changes.

He doesn’t say too much, but the parts featuring him and Hannah together is definitely swoon worthy. The moment Hannah recognized that the murders are being committed by a serial killer was one of the most exciting for me, Valentinw love and all. I have to admit though, that I was both relieved and disappointed that she opted not to write the scenes of the crime descriptively. Beth Rodgers, Staff Reviewer.

Paper Valentine

I dread issue books, they make me feel claustrophobic and depressed, but Yovanoff wrote about anorexia without making me feel suffocated or overwhelmed. He was looking valenntine my shoulder, and animals can sense better than humans. Yovanoff brings strength in her characters and it stays consistent for the whole story.

If you look closely, this is the same Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.


Paper Valentine | Brenna Yovanoff

D It’s just so so gorgeous: I also really loved the ghost story. Already have an account?

As it was I remained ambivalent towards underdeveloped Hannah and annoyed at unsympathetic Lillian for sticking around. Overall I suggest this as a suggestive read. Her best friend Lillian died six months ago, and Hannah just wants her life to go back to normal.

With Lillian gone, stuck with the rest of their group, now dominated by Angelie, Hannah’s coming to realize that, much as she loved her, Lillian wasn’t a very nice person all the time and that she could be a bad influence on Hannah.

It was very disappointing. Through Fathoms Dark and Deep. Nov 08, Laura rated it it was ok Shelves: She was meant to be disconnected to the world around her, while trying to separate herself from Lillian and her life before her death. Eventually, of course, the serial killer catches up with Hannah and Lillian and Finny. This book has a lot going for it, as stated above, it’s not just a murder mystery, it has substance and emotions.

I thought all these elements shoved together would get confusing, but it’s woven together so well that it just creates this amazing story.