Bright Lights of Disturbia (a.k.a. BLoD or BLOD) is a hurt/comfort “I finally finished The Bright Lights of Disturbia and fuck, it felt good to finally. The Bright Lights of Disturbia has 82 ratings and 15 reviews. Dreamer said: Re- read this epic for the second time, updated to 5 is a lengthy. The Bright Lights Of Disturbia written by leonidaslion. It’s a wincest story and believe me, you won’t regret reading it. It’s a hell of an angsty story and the journey.

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Sam is going to fucking murder his brother. He needs to turn this off now before it gets any worse. A very dark theme with warm colors and simple icons.

I just want to see how you end something like this and have my life back. View all distufbia comments.

The Bright Lights of Disturbia – Chapter 34 – leonidaslion – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

I loove the coloring you used for everything The one with the heated eyes and the slow smile and the deep, rough voice. All the times Dean got hurt when he was growing up—badly, sometimes—that particular switch in his brain would have gotten flipped as a defense mechanism. No way is she hearing anything past that racket. Too bad the image is spoiled by the memory of plump lips dripping come. Refresh and try again. I don’t want to feel like this. Brothers what the fuq I’m assuming the author knows they’re brothers because firstly, he’s a Supernatural fan and second he’s not stupid.

I feel like I was one of the only people who did not enjoy the story at all and yes, one of the people who thought Dean was completely out of character. He thinks about calling Jess and taking her out for a late show, and then he thinks about putting the movie on and jerking off, and then he thinks of running into the upstairs bathroom and puking up everything he ate for dinner.


Right until the moment when I started to feel like abuse is being used more to fetishise than to portray the tale, while everyone hadn’t yet got a sudden lobotomy that had been left out – I had put this fic into he isle of glory. He sounds tired, worn out. There IS a happy ending, but it is at the other end of a very long, very dark tunnel.

”the bright lights of disturbia!!” | Tumblr

But I loved you first. Then again, Dean should never have made the fucking film in the first place.

The sliver of face that Sam can make out from this angle is twisted into an anguished mix of arousal and embarrassment and shame. Obviously this isn’t theater, but how’s your acting? Or trying to, anyway. It’s like a whole new Universe, so well written.

Edited at It seems to hum, as though charged with a low voltage of electricity. Dean is haunted by a memory he tries to bury deep into mind but that keeps coming back to him every time he’s facing a mirror.

Nov 21, ForgotMyselfForever added it. I liked the OFC, but I didn’t feel like her motivation was ever clear. I had a lot of “Oh come the fuck on’s” and “are you f’ing kidding me”. Dean steps in next to him and eases the door shut behind himself. All fields are required. Feels like a moron for not having anticipated this kind of reaction, actually.

”the bright lights of disturbia!!”

The more quickly it happens, the less time Dean will have to overthink things and worm his way out of it. And there is more than one reason behind that. I cried so hard with this.


Dean ot into the nursery while Sam is still blinking his vision clear. My calibre e-reader claims that this one has pages and while Brighr have no clue how much that is in normal reading devices – it still should be quite a lot into War and Peace rather than – quick, mindless porn, territory.

Never actually tried to wrap his head around the logistics of cramming that much into such a small briight. Which leaves him wanting to punch himself even more. Now, when Sam kisses him tenderly, Dean responds in kind instead of going defensive and frightened the way he did in Vermont.

Sam hesitates for a moment and then pulls his bandages off as well. His finger moves before his brain has finished giving the order, squeezing off a shot, but the shock of recognition delayed him long enough that the bullet passes through smoke instead of flesh.

Gutted and empty is exactly how I feel now. And still I can clearly remember it. How long has this been going on, anyway? He thinks, briefly, of Jess. Because he knows, intimately, just how terrified of being left alone Dean is.

Dean, waiting for Sam. Jack just looks at Sam for a few seconds and then his face splits in a wide grin and he tosses a pillow at him.

Podfic of Bright Lights of Disturbia

He shifts in place a little and then makes himself stand still, waiting. And he is going to kill it. Still need to do a final wipe down and get you covered up.