Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the. Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak, is a channeled material that Cassiopaeans had suggested for. Buy the Paperback Book Bringers Of The Dawn by Barbara Marciniak at Indigo. ca, Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on Religion and Spirituality .

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The rest of the book just fell into place, and, true to their word, the Pleiadians found us a publisher without Barbara or me doing anything. You may become sickened in a society that does not know this.

It is this that you are intending to remember. That is why the planet is going through such great turmoil. Some of these creator gods married and merged their lines, just as on the European continent different monarchs and royal families have married and merged their kingdoms.

The only information that remained for you to play with and to keep you functioning was the double helix. There will be a merging of identities, a barbsra of cultures, an infusion of many “new world orders,” and there will be much chaos and confusion.

No matter what story we tell you today, we guarantee you that a year from now we will tell you a different story, because a year from now you will be able to comprehend things in a grander fashion.

Bringers of the Dawn

You are famous, your branch of the Family of Light. So, in May, when Barbara and I sat down to do a “book channeling,” I was quite surprised to hear the Pleiadians’ idea of how to do the book. Back to the drawing board.

Feel how much you will accomplish by and feel who you will be. When I thought of “the book,” I imagined that the Pleiadians would dictate it to me and that I would simply transcribe the tapes, edit the material, and there it would be. Many people on Earth have felt that they have merged with God. I really enjoyed this book! We do not want to say that it is wrong; we simply want to suggest to you that you think bigger.


Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

I’ve since learned to trust and honor the energies that move me, and I can now read the tale of those initial impulses in my astrological birth chart and within the Pleiadian chart as well.

You have moved past the other ages: How was I to put it into some sort of order? I’ve even written for years. Your history has been influenced by a number of light beings whom you have termed God. Different energies were brought into existence.

They can do many kinds of manipulations and work with realities in many different ways.

Not everyone is going to make the shift. I am torn with this book.

When I look at this book, I don’t know how it happened. There have been many other creator gods, only some of which have had human form. What a mind bender! All you need to do is begin to allow this energy to come into your body.

Fears before, tne the early eighties, while maarciniak in Taos, New Mexico, I had had a late – night encounter in my bedroom with three bright – blue beings. I understand that I am to broadcast the announcement like I am sending out the birth announcement and that a response will be sent to me. Some of them are already barbarra. My body barrbara never forget the meeting of the three blue beings and how they hovered over me, calming me from some apparent, yet camouflaged trauma. I understand that I have very little to do with this.

Emotions – The Secret in the Chronicles of Time. The Lizzies have set Earth up with devices that can broadcast and magnify the emotional turmoil on this planet. I hadn’t been able to do the book in when we had first talked about it because I hadn’t been able to hold the frequency vet; I hadn’t been cleared out enough to do it.

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak

These things fed them, stimulated them, and kept them in power. It is not just that we, the Pleiadians, have come to assist; we are only one grouping from one star system.


In somewhat the same way, Earth is oblivious to the bureaucratic political structure that operates in the universe. The universes are full of intelligent beings who have, over time, evolved and developed all sorts of capabilities and functions to serve their needs to express themselves creatively.

There are those who have already received a realignment of the twelve strands of DNA, the twelve helixes. That is why the collapse of your society is inevitable: Barbara’s sister, Karen, would intuit what tapes had good information on them and send them to me. Helped me greatly through my spiritual transformations. You do not realize that these situations are setups to get you to think or feel a certain way and to vibrate with a certain consciousness.

When these beings return to Earth, there will be many of you who will turn to them and say, “Yes, these are wonderful gods. It blew open my circuits and awakened areas in myself that I had no idea were there, many of them dark and ugly.

Eons ago, Earth was but a thought in the minds of great beings who had set before themselves the task of creating new forms of existence. Once you, as members of the Family of Light, are able to take this mutation into your bodies, you will be able to integrate your twelve centers of information. It is possible to become a brilliant master of manipulating bfingers and reality without understanding spiritual connections. So the story will constantly evolve.

It gives you a new idea of light, does it not? The food for some beings is consciousness. If the extraterrestrial stuff boggles your mind, I’d still say read this book for the peaceful and empowering messages, and you’ll be oc at t This was recommended to my by a teacher Daen love.