Hello, I have read a few posts on this forum where some people do not have a lot of good things to say about Bruce Kumar Frantzis. Actually, his Opening the Energy Gates of your Body is among the books sitting on my bathroom reading shelf and I have gotten about 1/2 way. I first met Bruce “Kumar” Frantzis in February of My friend Dave Shuck had met Kumar a few months earlier through his co-worker the late.

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Provide feedback about this page. These areas become weakened over time, a. The time now is I recently conducted a Google search for Frantzis and Seagal. Pin It on Pinterest. Join Date Nov Posts The jumar Fall I enrolled in Kumar’s weekly classes.

I conducted the same search with Frantzis.

For several years, Frantzis studied bagua, tai chi, hsing-i, qigong and Taoist meditation daily with Liu in Beijing. Please adjust your search criteria and try again.

RE: Bruce Kumar Frantzis – Discussion –

Flag Please sign in to flag this as inappropriate. To pursue advanced training, he moved to Japan, where he trained for two years with Kimar Ueshiba, the founder of aikido. That’s all I really know. Handed down for thousands of years, the ancient Chinese nei gung tradition of chi cultivation provides a systematic method for transforming body power into one integrated, unified, and dynamic whole.


I heard this 2 years ago so I hope I’m not mixing him up with someone else.

I haven’t experienced real “magic” yet, but it is an extraordinary stress obliterator; chi kung moves you out frantziis your “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system, with its cocktail of stress hormones, into the parasympathetic “rest and digest” mode. When the workshop began it was a Friday night I expected to be “thrashing bozos”, when all we did was stand I kept thinking, “when do I get to hit someone” but something “hit” me when I went home that first night I had a spring in my step which I had not felt in years, if ever.

He is not based in Fraantzis, but in California. Hello, I have read a few posts on this forum where some people do not have a lot of good things to say about Bruce Kumar Frantzis. Wu Style Tai Chi short form can be practiced by anyone and is especially powerful for health, healing and meditation.

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Push hands claims aside either fictional or real thats the problem with second hand information I would want to fight him. Only 17 left in stock more on the way. He is an active student of Dzogchenan advanced tradition he considers to share a common origin with the Taoist water tradition. His is admittedly a controversial figure. All times are GMT The Outer and Inner Dissolving processes are part of the same circle.

Frantzis is a master of chi kung and martial arts as well as being a fine writer who connects with a western audience. Frantzis, what are your opinions on his stuff? In addition, Liu was a feantzis calligrapher and a classical Chinese scholar who also had a complete knowledge of traditional Chinese medical theory.


Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: I only remember I liked it a lot. Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, Volume 1: Stress breaks down the body and mind.

Bruce Frantzis is a Taoist Lineage Master with more than 40 years experience in Eastern healing systems.

He earned black belts in judo, karate, jujitsu and aikido by the age of eighteen. Relaxing into Your Being: Outer and Inner Dissolving. Kumar asked us “what would you rather have a soft body or a hard one? I notice mumar in this thread that Scott brings the energy back up to the tantien after dissolving down to the feet, which might well remedy this.

The answer to your question almost always boils down to how much time you can devote to your practice.

I’ve had little to do with the guy but his vibe has never been my particular bag, I doubt it ever will either.