IGNOU BSHF Free Solved Assignment Code: BSHF Assignment Code: BSHF/AST/TMA/ Total Marks: Note: Instructions are. Mar 22, Assignment Code: BSHF/AST/TMA/ Total Marks: Note: Instructions are there with each section. Answer any two questions in. Mar 30, (Click Here For OLD Assignments) || Click Here For BDP (Foundation Courses) || Click BHDF · FEG · FEG · FHD; BMAF; BBHF- ; BSKF · FAS · FBG- . BRDE English · BRDE Hindi Rural Development(English) Rural Development(Hindi).

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Gandhi commenced his twenty one days of fast on May 8th,to make amends for the sins committed against the untouchables by the caste Hindus.

So long as we were rural based, the join family system worked fine.

IGNOU BSHF 101 Solved Assignment 2011

Such as hand-spinning on the charkha, uplift of the harijans or members of the depressed classed popularization of temperance, and so forth.

Dutt gave a critique of the colonial exploitation.

This personalistic “lifestyle anarchism” is steadily eroding the socialistic core of anarchist concepts of freedom. But this plan ultimately failed after the information was leaked to British Intelligence. The Muslims considered the Khalifa as the custodian of Islam.

Three books published in Beginnings were made in the manufacturer of Swadeshi salt, sugar matches and other products. Write short notes on any two of the following: After a rapid modernisation begun inassignmenh island country proved itself superior not only to its giant neighbour China but also to Russia.

This is why development may not be held in case regionalism is given priority.

Why did the Revolt of fail? These painting exerted powerful influence over other regions artistic production: Today, if an anarchist theorist like L. During the rule of the Julian-Claudian Caesars, the Roman citizen enjoyed a great deal of autonomy to indulge his own desires — and lusts — without reproval from any authority, provided that he did not interfere with the business and the needs of the state.


This was a major jolt to the Khilafat Movement. Communism,” for its part, once referred to a cooperative society that would be based morally on mutual respect and on an economy in which each contributed to the social labor fund according to his or her ability and received the means of life according to his or her needs.

The growing consensus among development specialists in this regard is that, with the limited access of governments to information, markets generally allocate resources more efficiently.

It was supported by the Japanese 15th army and led by Subhash Chandra Bose. This was an attempt by the Indian Muslim community to unite together in support of the Turkish Empire ruled by the Khalifa, which was attacked by European powers.

BDP/BA Assignment

They started political aggressions and take-overs. The Viceroy, Azsignment Willingdon, in the absence of Gandhi, adopted the policy of repression.

On the gopurams of the Chidambaram temple, one can see a series of Bharatnatyam poses, assign,ent in stone as it were, by the sculptor. Each and every 1011 of the country was gripped in a unique fervor of nationalism. Thus, the second struggle for attaining 201-12 launched by the Congress, under the able guidance of Mahatma, served the critical function of mobilizing the masses on a large scale against the British. This asslgnment turn became a legacy for the Independent India.

A series of strikes in Calcutta and other places demonstrated that the workingman was growing weary of exploitation. The patience of the Indian masses were wearing out. The concept of Swadeshi as explained by Gandhi, assgnment employment of unemployed or semi-employed people by encouraging village industries and the in general trial was towards building a non-violent society.


And eventually diarchy proved to be a failure. Great Britain stated major business ventures with India and within India. Accused of being an ‘All-White Commission’, the Simon Commission was rejected by all political and social segments of the country. For example, managing at a corporate level might involve evolving policies on privacy, on internal investment, and on the use of data. The Law passed empowered the Viceroy Government with extraordinary power to stop all violations by silencing the press, confining political activists without trial and arresting any individual suspected of sedition and treachery and arresting individuals without any warrant.

This party was at first known as the congress-Khilafat Swaraj party and later simply the swarajya or swaraj party.

Compare features of Mathura and Gandhara art. A nationwide protest was raised by calling a Hartal cessation of work. Indeed, their interpretation of autonomy actually presupposed quite definite arrangements beyond the individual — notably, the laws of the marketplace.

A basic issue that arises in relation to governance is the proper role of government in economic management. The style was kept alive by the devadasis, who were young girls ‘gifted’ by their parents to the temples and who were married to the gods. Notwithstanding this, the old family culture is still retained in deeper rural areas. Discuss the nature of the Assignjent society.