Commentary on Revelation, or the Apocalypse [E. W. Bullinger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reprint of Revised and. Bullinger, Henry. A hundred sermons Upon the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ, revealed by the angel of the Lord: but seen or received and written. The Apocalypse by E.W. Bullinger | Preface must mean its own sending forth or its own unfolding.* and the statement is that no prophecy of the. Scripture ever.

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More than three times as many as Matthew, and nearly three times as many as the Bjllinger to the Hebrews. Three general themes are of interest in this research: Holly T Young is currently reading it Jun 01, Refresh and try again.

It is God that avengeth me, and subdueth the people under me.

The Apocalypse or “The Day of The Lord” by E.W. Bullinger

We repeat once again, in order to make this point quite clear, that while “sons” may perform some special service, and therefore may, on that account, be called “servants: It is used again in 1.

We have bullinger account of the various events which are to take place in heaven and on earth, connected with His visible unveiling. Program Office and explanation in historical context.

And the Apocalypse, being written concerning Israel, the Israelites are, as appropriately, always spoken of as “servants. The Four Gospels the Kingdom offered and rejected. This is the one great point which is insisted on with reference to their new position in Christ.

This is so clear from the context that it is actually translated “judgment,” which is exactly what it means. The 1st Epistle Ephesus, ii. Sixteen times we have the title in the Gospels appcalypse Acts and Heb.

In the Apocalypse we have the final results of all that pertains to the heavens and the earth. Though the language is Greek, the thoughts and idioms are Hebrew; and this links it on, not to the Pauline epistles, but to the Old Testament, and shows that its great subject is God’s final dealings with the Jew and the Gentile; and not the Church of God.


What is the context of exegesis in which Bullinger wrote his sermons? The Fifth Vision “in Heaven” xiv. The whole buolinger world worshipped the sun buolinger the host of heaven; because they “associated with them certain human characters who had really performed the actions which were thence ascribed to the celestial bodies. Apoclypse edition, pages 65, Second Edition Revised and Corrected The People of the Book: It is most remarkable, and so remarkable as to make it practically conclusive, that this title, while it occurs eighty-four times in the New Testament, is never buullinger used in the Pauline epistles addressed to Churches; thus proving that this title has nothing whatever to do with the Church.

The Apocalypse or “The Day of The Lord”

It is not a series of revelations about Jesus Christ; but the book which gives us the particulars about the events which are connected with His revelation or appearing. Of course, if there is no difference between these two pieces of “good-news,” and the apoxalypse is the same thing as bulpinger Church or Body of Christ, then there is an end of the whole matter; not merely of our task, but of the Bible itself.

But this brings us to our fourth point. And the Epistle to the Hebrews was specially written to Hebrews, and they are addressed as such. We ask whether this does not give the book of Revelation a very special connection with the Old Testament, and with Israel?

D Theology and religious studies. And it is made known, it says, specially, to his “servants,” as we saw in our previous point.

But, believing God, we ask whether the Church is likely to be the subject of prophecy in the Apocalypse, especially when its future is clearly foretold in the Epistles which contain the revelation of the Mystery. This is enlarged upon in Gal. The isles saw it, and feared; the ends of the earth were afraid. Porphyry, in a prayer to the sun, calls him “Dominus Sol. The Sixth Vision “on Earth” xvi. Now, when we turn to the Apocalypse, what do we find?


Heinrich Bullinger and the Apocalypse ()

There we learn what is to be the future and end of the Body of Christ. Michelle rated it it was amazing Feb 14, Only six in the Church Epistles Rom. Return to Book Page. Enough has been said on this particular title, and upon the seven as a whole, to show that they all link on the book of Revelation to the Old Testament and the Gospels, and not to the Church ; and that their cumulative testimony is that Christ is revealed in this book, not in the character aplcalypse which He is presented to the Church of God, but in that character in which He is revealed in the Old Testament in relation to Israel and the Earth, which is again taken up in the Apocalypse.

Does not the fact speak to us and say that, when that bbullinger opens Israel is in low estate?

Heinrich Bullinger and the Apocalypse

Back Table of Contents Forward. Madsen rated it it was amazing Aug 17, Is it not strange that in this one place a different expression is thought to refer to the same day? The Vision of the New Heavens and Earth xxi. He delivereth me from mine enemies: The whole matter is so important and full of interest, that we venture to give bulligner the references.