This review first appeared in the December issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read it in its original Polish version here. In some quarters Burmester has gained an unfair reputation in the UK for being expensive German audio bling, due partly to their highly. Used Burmester CD players for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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The design aim is that decoupling the laser from the drive motor reduces jitter. This makes perfect sense given that every CD player already has built-in digital-to-analogue converter circuitry. This time it was gems all the way down. Each unit has to pass a multifaceted testing and adjustment procedure before shipping to ensure that it is in perfect condition.

Seriously — this is the kind of audio system you buy once per lifetime, and this is the kind of system you could confidently use to see you through the rest of the 21st Century. This Burmester is as much a system hub as it is a CD player, particularly when you consider it has balanced analogue inputs and variable output too.

Single-box CD player Transport: We used the both with and without an external preamp. If you expect the Burmester CD sound to be one of an uber-cool tonal balance coupled with forensic Teutonic clarity then you would be very wrong.


Nevertheless, it does actually work in this context. Now this is a controversial choice — picking a power conditioner before a preamp in the hierarchy of things. Not the chilly needlepoint variety of tiny background sounds that is often cited as musical detail but a more organic version that is unerring in solidity and stability. That said, Burmester frequently gets overlooked in this manner because the company demonstrates all-Burmester systems in shows. All this contributes to the open, airy and detailed musicality Burmester components are renowned for.

bburmester It creates a sense of musical structure and refinement that you will struggle to find from any digital player, regardless of price. Everything is seriously understated on these albums, withdrawn to leave only that which is necessary for the song. We decided to keep our reference D3i preamp in the system for the bulk of the test sessions.

Burmester – 089 Belt-Drive CD Player

Its generous size means using it is a two-handed operation for most people. We should pay attention to that as the sound really is better. Often, this process unveils some burmwster gems and some hidden howlers. All images contained in this review are the property of High Fidelity or Burmester. I have always generally preferred the single-ended option.

Burmester page one –

Let me try and illustrate this with a couple of examples. This is surprising because they are fundamentally honest sounding loudspeakers, with an exceptionally open treble and burmestfr of excellent imagery. Considering the price, perhaps the one notable omission is the lack of processing for SACDs. In near ideal fashion the top-loading player unites latest developments with proven technology and a timeless, stylish appearance.


This time I took a closer look at a model from the higher Top Line, leaving only the Reference Line unexplored. The presentation is nicely layered and conveys a good sense of depth too. One of those will be WiFi. Front view Rear view Inner view. The digital inputs allow the connection of further external sources.

The amp is monitored for overdrive, overheat and DC offset.

Wojciech Pacula CD player: Tonally, the is every inch a Burmester, delivering a smooth, slightly rich sound without sacrificing too much bite or attack. It is sinuous and completely elastic where time is concerned and this provides an eloquent and reassuring base for everything else that it does so well.

A product of this type needs a suitably talented system to shine. The is equipped with analog and digital inputs. You can also read it in its original Polish version here.

Tara Labs Omega Onyx Power cables on all equipment: It became apparent after only a few minutes listening, even with an ice-cold machine that this was going to be a hugely enjoyable experience and over the next few months I realised that musically the bordered on the extraordinary. See all our Burmester reviews. For simplicity I skipped idler wheel designs.