Hi Dave, I think we can use cumentPart. GetStream() to retrieve the stream. Is this what you are looking for?. Changes you make to the document will not be saved if this parameter C#. // Open a WordprocessingDocument for editing using the filepath. When you create and save a VBA macro in a document, Word adds a MainDocumentPart** property of the word processing document. C#.

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OfficeTalk: Working with In-Memory Open XML Documents | Microsoft Docs

To access the body of the main document part, assign zs reference to the existing document wordprocessingdocumment, as shown in the following code example. The following example shows how to create a resizable memory stream from a non-resizable memory stream. The following table lists the class names of the classes that correspond to the documentbodyprand t elements.

The template will be attached to the WordprocessingDocument. Gets a collection of annotations of the specified type for this PartContainer. The second parameter takes the styleid of the style, and the third parameter takes the style name.

MainDocumentPart ‘ Look for the vbaProject part. Styles ‘ Create a new wordrpocessingdocument style and specify some of the properties. The WordprocessingML markup for the document that the sample code creates is shown in the following code example.

A paragraph contains one or more r elements. Styles ‘ Check that there are styles and how many. Now, set the paragraph style. The following table lists the class names of the classes that correspond to the documentbodyprand t elements.


WordprocessingDocument Class (ing) | Microsoft Docs

The vbaProject part The task of converting a macro enabled document to one that is not macro enabled therefore consists largely of removing the vbaProject part from the document package. Instead, wordprocessingdocuemnt must create a MemoryStream object using a constructor that takes no arguments, and then write the byte array to the newly created memory stream.

The basic document structure of a WordprocessingML document consists of the document and body elements, followed by one or more block level elements such as pwhich represents a paragraph. Deletes a specified part in the package root layer.

Enumerates all DataPartReferenceRelationship relationships. The fileChanged Boolean variable tracks this information for you. If its package-relationship item contains a relationship to a workbook part, it is defined as a spreadsheet document.

Wordprocexsingdocument code then renames the newly modified document. For me this worked fine:.

Create a word processing document by providing a file name

Open filepath, true ; ‘ Open a WordprocessingDocument for editing using the filepath. The following code wordprocessingdlcument how to open and acquire a reference to a word processing document, retrieve a reference to the first paragraph, and then call the ApplyStyleToParagraph method.

Gets or sets a value that indicates the maximum allowable number of characters in an Open XML part.

The first parameter takes a reference to the styles part. Adds an extended part Application specific wodprocessingdocument. The following assembly directives are required to compile the code in this topic. An instance of this part type contains information about a document’s theme, which is a combination of color scheme, font scheme, and format scheme the latter also being referred to as effects.


In this how-to topic, you will use a word-processing document package. To accomplish this task, the code creates an instance of the ParagraphStyleId class with the styleid and then places a reference to that instance in the ParagraphStyleId property of the paragraph properties object.

Append italic1 ‘ Add the wordprocessingdocumentt properties to the style.

How to: Apply a style to a paragraph in a word processing document

Typically you use the styleid to identify a style in code. For the source file that set the parameter to false to open it for read-only access. Hyperlink relationships are not included, use HyperlinkRelationship property wordprocsssingdocument enumerate hyperlink relationships.

Among wordprocessingdociment properties is the pStyle element to specify the style to apply to the paragraph. Learn how to create and work with in-memory copies of Open XML documents. A run contains one or more t elements. This content is no longer actively maintained.