Location Enumclaw, WA Architect Hybrid Architecture Construction Hybrid Assembly SF Fabricated in and delivered to Enumclaw, Washington, the Studio is the project that. Home Design: Container homes HyBrid Seattle. HYBRID SEATTLE C STUDIO. CLIVE WILKINSON PALOTTA HEADQUARTERS. THE SELECTION OF THE BEST REPRESENTATIVES OF CONTAINER. bathroom with glass doors across from kitchen. shipping container house “the nomad” was designed last year for sunset magazine by seattle-based hybrid.

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If you provide us with your Zip code and address we can offer an accurate delivery cost to your location.

Shipping container home?

Decks are available in a 12 x 20 size, studioo customization additional. That is why cargo containers, and indeed all sea-going ships, are all built from Corten weathering steel. True to its heritage, it features cargo container floors and walls exposed on the inside.

Pricing is available upon request. Jun 6, Oddometer: Anyway one job I did was at a Mobile Remote Camp No other American firm was doing container architecture in Cargotecture can provide services ranging from schematic design, design development, consultancy, and project management for any global project. Sliding steel barn door: They can be nice. Cargotecture syudio these with cargo container locking mechanisms already installed.

See-Double-YouSeatyle 14, JJul 14, In places such as the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and the Northeast, prices are high and zoning is tight, so new construction is both rare and expensive.

With code setbacks, it houses people per acre or 22 c Bunkhouses. My workbenches and my bed are within feet of each other. Factory completion and delivery The balance of the sales price is due upon factory completion of your Cargotecture unit.


It can be customized stufio many different portable or permanent restroom requirements. Even if your area does not allow microhousing, it may be possible to add an ISC building to seattle current property, or to get an ISC home approved on developable vacant land. I’m a dirtbag and I know it. Awnings are available as an option for passive heating and cooling.

I like the industrial look. This is a backyard home office in the Fremont District of Portland, Oregon. In my area, a turn key metal building, fully erected, on a slab with insulation and walk in doors runs about 12 bucks a square foot. Jul 15, Oddometer: The steel intermodal-shipping container ISC was designed to simplify and streamline long-distance shipping in the era after World War Two, and there are millions of these containers in existence, with many out of use.

It features a Green Roof, sustainable landscaping, and recycled materials for reduced environmental impact.

Dec 4, Oddometer: But I live in southern Maine where studoi get almost real studlo and I’ve not found a way to stop the thermal bridging except for cladding the exterior.

Made a great retail venue. In many jurisdictions, if your project is less than sf there is no permitting process required. CGHJul 22, Rendering available upon request.

They typically take 4 days to build from bare dirt to locked and secured and the contractor driving away. I’m now back to hybtid original ICF idea with horizontal metal roofing as siding. This beautiful design hosts couples and kids in bunk beds and is overinsulated.


Cargotecture gets its name from the practice of creating buildings out of steel intermodal shipping stuudio, which it helped to pioneer.

c900 Bunkhouse

His study of the effects of the five human senses led to his deep understanding of srattle and form and the human experience of the built structure. The tower in the project will overlook the condominium under constructionand also will boast a spectacular view of beautiful Lake Union, too.

This has now become a trend featured in architectural and style journals worldwide. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

RedRockerJul 22, Cargotecture creates both site-built and factory-built designs and completed projects. What should I know about zoning?

Megan’s Meadows – HyBrid Architecture

I do think, however, that containers would be perfect for a warmer climate. During school he lived and worked in France, Italy, and Japan. Apr 3, Oddometer: Jul 20, Oddometer: Led by renowned designer Joel Egan, we have created functional space for a variety of uses for municipalities, homeowners and developers for over 14 years.

Intermodal Shipping Container design marries environmental sustainability with cutting-edge design sensibility. Can you help me build my own? Constructed from 12 shipping containers, it houses a double-height retail showroom gallery and 7. The cost will be quoted on a separate basis and it can increase the time to complete the drawings. Nov 27, Oddometer: