Use all rules from the original CARCASSONNE! The following Inn on the Lake (6 tiles) Inns. & Cathedrals. Uhr Seite 1. A copy of CARCASSONNE (basic game) is required to play this expansion. You may use parts of this expansion or all of it. The basic rules for CARCASSONNE. The rules state that when placing a big meeple in a city or on a road that if the structure is not complete you earn 0 points. Does the same apply.

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Use the Daily discussion and game recommendations thread for game recs. Component reviews are allowed. It really does make an already fun game even better. During scoring this meeple counts like two regular meeples when deciding who has the most followers.

The River is a small and pretty nonessential expansion. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I like the new artwork but not if it’s confusing people. Why else would they bother putting the buildings on the tile? You would lose many of your meeples until game end, which prevents you from using them at a critical junction later in the game.

Carcassonne: Inns & Cathedrals (Exp.)

Game of the Week: This expansion offers all the material for a 6th player. Sign up or log in Sign up using Cathedraks. On The Brinkand it has the added benefit of improving on a game I already love. Most of the ones that end are either L shaped or the three way intersection I think.


Variant Rules

Retrieved 8 February If so, discard it from the game. I’m afraid that I don’t own ALL the expansions to Carcassone – if anyone here does, I salute them – so I can’t give a truly definitive answer, so I’ll give a brief description of what I think the various expansions in my old Big Box add. For every shield the Mayor meeple counts as an extra follower.

Reviews 13 Game Tips 11 Discussion 1. Some of the other expansions Princess and the Dragon comes to mind change the game in that they allow you to destroy what others have done. I think Carcassonne plays better with more people, because it brings more interaction as people are competing for space.

The game board is a medieval landscape built by the players as the game progresses.

Carcassonne, Carcassonne add-on and Carcassonne King and collector since 1. The game gets too long and you have little influence on the size of the city. Create a new discussion. Check catehdrals our AMA Calendar for our latest information. This is a pretty vast question, as there must be at least a dozen expansions for Carcassonne now, ranging in style from the pretty logical to the completely whimsical hello Catapult.


Inns & Cathedrals | Carcassonne Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Some of them are just different configurations that add extra variety to the game play. In particular I remember it introduced Abbey tiles which can be used to fill in difficult gaps Use the Daily discussion and game recommendations thread for game recs. How rulfs the expansions for Carcassonne change the game?

It was popular when I was going to “board games at the pub” every week. How little you know my friend. I do not know of any other expansion that allows that in just one rule.

Ralph Querfurth has been the World Champion in four editions. The Cathedral triples the value of a city, and the Inn doubles the value of a road – but only when they are completed. See the participation guidelines for more details on this.