The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secrete Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas’ hearts. Thus I have heard, at one time, The Buddha was at the. Rare Great Seal Casket Seal Dharani Stupa. This is one of the most potent Feng Shui cure. It is unparalleled in creating protection. It is made from acrylic It is 6. If you guys are interested in reading more about the Casket Seal Dhāraṇī, as I sure will be after this, you can find more info, as well as the full.

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They will stay in the serene place of great nirvana. At that time the Aeal went straight to the pagoda. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He returned home quickly and prepared one hundred delicious food and drinks at night.

No sick from cold or hot, lilou, tanzhu, sore and scabies. Surrounding Him were countless hundreds of thousands of Mahasattvas, great voice-hearers, gods, dragons, yaksas, gandharvas, asuras, garudas, kimnaras, mahoragas, human, nonhumans, and others.

The living beings without wisdom are covered by kharma. Why do you weep?

This fragrance and brightness will do Buddhist deeds. With the courtyard covered by thistles and the doors sealed by creeping dhaeani, the buried rubbles resembled a mound of dirt. After I have abandoned my body, the four groups of my disciples, in order to rescue sentient beings in miserable existence, should come before this pagoda, make offerings of incense and flowers, and recite this spiritual Mantra, making vows in earnest.


casket seal dharani sutra

Your walk today is in a very good situation. They come by turns like the sands revolving in the whirling water.

The fragrance and the light of the clouds will pervade the dharma realm, infusing fragrance with dazzling radiance, doing Buddha work widely. Serious sin of eight billion kalpas of this sentient being will be deleted.

How can the varjra bodies of Dharai be destroyed! They spoil the gems and do not know to use it. He goes to a mountain taking some wild flowers. Twirling the vajra in glowing flames, he came to the place where the Buddha was. All fairies will gather during the three periods to circle the pagoda, sing songs of praise, give thanks, and pay respects.

Casket Seal Dharani & Stupa 一切如来心秘密全身舍利宝箧印陀罗尼与塔

A good husband or good wife will come without being persuaded. We will urge the Caslet Emperor and the four Kings of the Heaven, all Dragons and the Eight Departments on the Heaven to protect this person day and night and do not leave him.

Because of these causes and conditions, Buddha Dharma should be hidden. Foes and bandits will fall without being subjugated. The Vajrapani mantras are for Mahayana Buddhists and tantric initiates. If anybody should be punished to Abi Hell, when he prostrates himself before this Stupa one time or walks around this Stupa one time clockwise. It is not like gaining samadhi through the practice of your own consciousness, but merely through concentration on mantra the samadhi of the mantra starts being present.


Some people were certified to obtain the primary stage, the second vharani until the tenth stage of Boddhisattva position. They will not be subjected to the power of sorcery or curses.

Casket Seal Dharani & Stupa 一切如来心秘密全身舍利宝箧印陀罗尼与塔

They will not be attacked by bandits or enemies, and they will have no worries about famine or poverty. In the evening, he ordered extensive preparation of food and beverage of flavors for the banquet.

Because of these wondrous things, the site of this pagoda has superb, awesome virtue and serves as a spiritual testament. All Celestial beings come three times for praising, surrounding and salute to this place.

The Brahmin shunned dust and filth [his afflictions], and acquired the five transcendental powers.

The melting copper and hot iron becomes suddenly a pond with eight virtual water. Emaciated and haggard, he is despicable to others.

The Stupa become seven gems as soon as the Dharani is put. Epidemics and evil forces will turn away without being purged. He will reborn in a Buddhist family after he dies. He always wished all living beings to be completely good and rich. All Buddhas weep also. As such, it has its own samadhi. His blessing and lifespan will be raised.