From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. The new general catalogue CATU / is available and can be downloaded in the catalogue section. Enjoy your reading! The company ยท Solutions. From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products IEC

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Aluminium alloy rungs with square. Combination wrenches g Reference mm MO x MO x MO x MO x mm 4 hexagonal sockets.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue |

MC Round square mm. Large pockets with a Velcro flap. Reference MF Characteristics Complete cable-launcher projector cataloyue spool of 30 m fuse wire. Forged hot galvanized steel jaws, test load: For shunt A.

Size S to 3 XL on request. Firstly, with ctau new products designed and produced by our teams for you. It remains locked until it is unlocked. Voltage indication by 4 mm standard sockets on the front of the indicator. In addition to these effects, particles may be projected, and the metal may melt. Wire-cutter stick Trammel mechanism with a two-part copper and aluminium hook, with three positions: The MF gun can also be used to shoot an insulating cord for handling MT contact catxlogue. Power and selection button.


Locking and signaling Safety padlocks 46 Padlocks 47 Padlocks and accessories 48 Lockers and lockout indicators 49 Warning signs 50 Signaling and delineators 52 Safety padlocks Choose your locks! It enables to detect absence of voltage and: They bring the best held, hygiene and a greater comfort.

Voltage V admissible max. To be used with a harness. Pair of insulating gloves. MO Water-resistant neck warmer. catakogue


Pen size and body in polycarbonate. Installed from the ground on conductors up to While remaining on, it indicates the good working order of the detector Characteristics: Complete equipment for live line LV interventions S This device enables to check the absence or presence of voltage on three phases L1, L2, L3. An electric catakogue follows a short circuit.

Hook stick hook pole Cutting capacity: Equipped with shock absorber. Snap hook to be operated with a stick and unlocking using a cord. Ideal for all horizontal works. Standard sizes 53 catalobue For Classes 0 and EN Snap hook with stick adaptor To fix a life line from the ground. Compliance with the IEC standard.

Hand stick Ergonomic handle. Once connected to properly connected installation, the grounding value is instantly measured and displayed at the top of the LCD display, indicating ground resistance values: These elements allow “long length” assemblies which can support short-circuit systems with large cross-section cables Shockproof guard and pole end cap.


Test button for measuring and self-testing.

Signal via beeping and bright red flashing of electro-luminescent diodes. Tensioning equipment Handling and uncoiling blocks Tensioning equipment Hoist ratchet and Guying equipment Dynamometers Handling and uncoiling blocks Uncoiling block Reference Pivoting safety hook.

Voltage detector with autotest.

Dual Material Insulating Tools Orange insulating outer layer. Reference Equipment composition 3 automatic contact clamps MT Connection cables 35 mm2, max. Comes complete with case, dimensions: CEC mm Dimensions mm Total length g Weight MV Substation equipment Voltage detectors C Voltage detector with leds for indoor use without batteries Pivoting contact electrode enabling wire contact at any angle.

Chrome-vanadium steel for pin catxlogue 2.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue 2012-2013

Telescopic stick Reference CEC 9 m max. Multiple adjustments for a perfect fit headband. Press the button to test the device and to reset its memory. For High impedance caatlogue systems Input impedance: