For building range: Body use, breathing THEN chopbuilders like lipslurs! Dec 23, # How long have you been playing trumpet? Dec But there was a trumpet in my home, and I got hold of this band book and started practicing. I soon got the hang of On the way, I practiced lots of chop builders. Recording of players such as Maurice Andre or Doc Severinsen for trumpet players to tension, the student will be buzzing the same pitch that the trumpet was playing. XtremeRange Development: ChopBuilders (Treble Clef) ยท XtremeBrass.

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More than 50, sold!

Thanks again for making my job easier and more enjoyable! Brad Ulrich, a friend and a very good trumpet player, said he’d be using the P.

Airy high notes?

I have another chopbuilder coming up and look for the PETE to keep me in shape, as I have a big recording session at the end of my rehab period. Thanks for all that you tru,pet for us.

Exercise 1 – Builds power and stamina: When I get back onto my instrument I feel that my buzz is more focused, I have more control in the upper register, and my endurance is better. I am presently on an, on a day off a day schedule using it at night before going to bed.

Right afterward I played a five hour continuous gig and felt great!

Warburton Music Products

By having you work on material in a very certain way. The benefit has been very palpable, dramatic, and undiminishing. The flip folder has a molded back with reinforced sides.


I came back feeling chopbuipders strong as I did when I left. The last time I had to take time off without the PETE it was for a shorter time and my chops were much worse when I came back.

Kincaid’s Is Music – Tradition of Excellence, Trumpet Book 2

More friends of P. The surgeon said they recommend a month for recuperation, but “in your case, two weeks because I know you have gigs. Check out the new Power Pack Toolkits and save money! It has really helped me to train my chops to really lock in on the slots above high c.

You just need some good basic embouchure development which a good teacher would do. Now available – the new P.

Airy high notes? | Page 2 | Trumpet Forum & Trumpets For Sale

In our third state, we learn to use more brain than brawn. I’ve still got some room for improvement don’t we allbut I can’t believe how much and how rapidly the P.

In YOGA, you learn and maintain physical positions that are low impact, but help develop strength, flexibility, and balance. Last year, after a five year hiatus from playing and at an age when most good players are thinking of retiring, I choopbuilders to try to come back yet again since a community wind band had just formed. Defective items may be returned within 7 days choppbuilders receipt for a replacement or full refund free of charge. PRO as “2 gigs on a stick. This device will revolutionize brass playing as we know it and every brass player who is serious about their craft should get one of these!


Non-defective items may be returned in original condition within 30 days of receipt for a refund of the purchase price of the item s less shipping. Comprehenseive Standards-based curriculum Repertoire from across time and around the world Theory, composition, ear-training, imporvisation, orchestration, conducting and history in every student book Tomorrow’s Technology: E allows me to keep the muscles in shape that I need to perform at the highest standards all the time.

Place the narrow end of the P. No, create an account now. Please note that actual product may differ slightly in appearance from picture. There’s nothing better than adding P. The famous Al Cass “Fast” is a combination valve, slide, and key lubricant that will not gum or separate under any weather conditions! Only registered customers can rate. Silver, Gold, and Black Plastic P.

Players who are required to regularly play in the extreme upper register, or those who have reached a plateau in their efforts with the original P. Search Media New Media.

I’m going to repeat what Rowuk said. PRO is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your chops in cho;builders.

I will be recommending it to all my students.