Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding. Retribution Falls book cover. logo logo. Rating / One of the best Steampunk novels. Review: Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding What makes it exceptional is the psychological insight rare in fast-paced, adventure SF, says Eric. Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jay—or his motley crew. They are.

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Crake stared at the now-stranger to his right, his eyes pleading. He thrust the revolver back into a holster somewhere amid the motley of battered jackets that he wore.

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Your man’s idea isn’t so bad, when you think about it.

But Frey just looked away. Frey’s expression was blank. There’s a big Fullmetal Alchemist vibe with their storyline that really got to me. This is the first book i’ve woodiing, since i was in a reading club for kids, at my local library.

Four and a half stars. Facebook Google Twitter Print Email. If you like this try: This book was no different. Dorian Frey is the roguish captain of the Ketty Jay and leader of a small and highly dysfunctional group of layabouts. Now thirty-nine, Chris has written over twe Chris Wooding grew up in a small town in Leicestershire, where not much of anything happened. I think the author must certainly be a Firefly fan.

Macarde’s hand twitched toward the hilt of Frey’s cutlass. The jewels never existed and the retributjon he destroyed had been rigged to explode. There is a redemption angle that becomes very satisfying, as the band of motley almost-pirates eventually learns to trust each other.


He is a gutless, worthless, useless coward. His hands still bound, Cnris wrestled the revolver from Macarde’s beefy fingers just as Rat shook off the effects of the tooth and drew his own cutlass woodong for a thrust.

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding

We have the mischievous criminal with a presumabely good heart and his band of misfits. Highly, highly recommended and one of the most pure fun novels I read in a long time With predictable story and non-engaging characters, I found myself thinking whether the book will ever get better and oh my god, it certainly did. Despite what the press release says, it isn’t quite Pirates of the Caribbeanbut Johnny Depp would definitely be a good choice for the leading role as Darian Frey, the gallant, but not entirely competent captain of the airship Ketty Jay.

The crew is driven by the need to secure enough income to keep their ship operational, set against their need to keep a low profile to avoid their adversaries. When I did finally have some time over this holiday weekend to read, instead of reading pages like I had planned, I ended up reading nearly half the book in one sitting. Most of what happens in the book is pretty predictable, but still entertaining.

Suddenly Frey and his crew are running from the Navy Coalition and hired bounty hunters, as he is set up to take the fall after a freighter he is chasing explodes.

There were plenty of positives in this opener for the series; the world is easily introduced with no info dumps on the technology, magic wooxing politics but it’s nicely teased out throughout the book.

This was an amazingly good read. Frey is the Captain of the Ketty Jay and he’s a rather distrusting and mysterious Captain. And the ultimate answer for captain and crew may lie in the legendary hidden pirate town of Retribution Falls.

That label belongs to Retribution Falls ; a full blown steampunk adventure. Everything About You by Retribuion Child. The story is one of set-up which our heroes more than blunder into unwittingly, then spend the rest of the tale digging themselves out of a rather large hole which repeatedly fills in Overall this was a highly-readable book which was not only super easy to read and get through, but also a load of fun whilst reading.

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I look forward to continuing these and seeing how the next story will continue with the characters now set in their ways amongst each other and their crew. I found that this book calmed my Firefly withdrawal. Along the way we find out about the reasons why the Katy Jay is their best chance for survival and their only refuge. Jez is another one who we meet early on and she’s the new navigator for the Ketty Jay as they seem to have been having troubles before she joined getting any to stay.

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding

Harkins is basically the opposite of Pinn, He’s older and he actually did fight in the wars and therefore he’s now a quivering wreck who’s terrified of any sort of conflict with retributlon one. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

At first glance, it might be called steampunk, but it’s more like fantasy with an odd tech level. Or is it all over-bang! Crake directed every ounce of his willpower at the smuggler. Led by Darian Frey, captain of the Ketty Jay, the crew is held together more by the fact that none of them are apt to ask probing questions of each other than they chrie by loyalty.

They have different personalities, agendas, backgrounds, but then through each difficult circumstances, seeing them eventually bonded as a team was heartwarming and satisfying.