A Christian Bahira legend. Richard Gottheil. Published Online: | DOI: Bahira or Sergius the Monk to the Latin West, was an Arab Arian, Nestorian or possibly Gnostic In the Christian tradition Bahira became a heretical monk, whose errant views inspired the Qur’an. K. Szilágyi, Muhammad and the Monk: The Making of the Christian Baḥīrā Legend, Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam A Christian Bahira legend. Main Author: Gottheil, Richard J. H. Language(s): English. Published: New York, Note: Reprint from Zeitschrift für.

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For written transmission prior to M we have some indirect evidence only in the case of A and Dthe life of the visionary monk, and the second apocalypse of Chrisstian. In the days of Mahdi son of Fatma there will be peace upon earth, the like of which was never seen in the world.

After he had risen from the grave, the Messiah ascended to heaven. God, praised be he! D has “I dug”. This ending is preserved today in WS only.

A Christian Bahira Legend

Volume 25 Issue Janpp. Mas’adl’s Meadows of Gold, tr. We are run by scholars, for scholars, who believe strongly in “Publishing for the Sake of Knowledge.

I shall write a book and teach thee that which is in it. Gottheil had given them the book which they call Kuran. Digitized by Google 2Q2 R. This text proba- bly also originates from the s or shortly thereafter.

Catalog Record: A Christian Bahira legend | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Chabot in the Revue sSmitique,60 seq. Everyone will take refuge with thee, and there will come to pass with thee that which is writ- ten 4 Woe upon those who deny the Messiah! Old men will be despised, young men exalted; 1 rich men, made poor, will change their positions.


Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Remember me on this computer. I went and did as the angel had said to me. When they heard this from me, they all arose in a body; built me a cell in their midst, and dug for me a well of water.

He also said that it was not proper to bow down to a cross of stone, or silver, or gold, or copper, or of any material other than wood; that this material be not like the idols which idolatrous nations have fashioned, they who bow down to idols.

He gave them another teach- ing, in which he introduced confusion pegend changes, chance and lots; laughable things, histories, circumcision, ablution, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, killing for killing; if another man does not take her, he can not take her again.

As time passed, these in uences acquired names and personalities, chhristian eventually Ka,b al-Ah. In a passage lwgend the beginning of Mhowever, the narrator says in all the synoptic versions that the Arabs called the monk Bah.

I said, thou art to have rule and majesty.

Ye will terrify it, according to the word of our Lord Jesus Christ. I shall then be unto them a Iyer. They studied it all the days of their life until B e blra died, he who prophecied to them and said, ‘All these things will happen to them in the days of the sons of Ishmael; C great distress, war, fa- mine and pestilence will come upon the land — a quak- ing in heaven and much blood-shed in every place; cities will fall upon their inhabitants; the word of David will be accomplished, who said, ‘their graves are their dwell- ing-places for ever, and their resting-place unto all generations’.


In those days there will be quiet and peace, the like of which has not been.

Volume 24 Issue Jahresband Janpp. By providing a credible alternative story about the beginning of Islam, by denigrating the prophet much revered by his followers, by mocking their scripture, such legends made abandoning Christianity in favor of Islam look not only morally deplorable, but also unbecoming, disagreeable, absurd, even ridiculous.

Legsnd select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway.

Sinai2 and how he instructed Mohammed. I said to the angel, who are these, O Master? Dionysius of Telmahrg, ed. God’s plan is communicated to the Christians in detail through the vision of the monk, then the major actors in the events, the Byzantine and the Persian emperors and the Arabs, are brie y bahita what concerns them. One of these drew near a little to me saying, ‘Follow meP Then I followed him in fear and trembling. The arguments of Roggema The legend of Sergius Bah.

Were it not for this addition, one would be tempted to think of the Franks, for whom this denomination has become standard in Arabic history: Upon its head were seven horns.