PDF | Unlabelled: Islamic Ramadan is a day fast in which food, fluids, medications, drugs and smoking are The majority of health-specific findings related to Ramadan fasting are mixed. New perspectives on chrononutrition. Article. The primary finding of this meta-analysis was that after Ramadan fasting, low- density lipoprotein (SMD = , 95 % CI = . Islamic rules for Muslims is fasting during Ramadan. New perspectives on chrononutrition. Chrononutrition (Part 2): Breakfast-skipping and Diet Timing . Ramadan studies often show that people lose weight when they can only eat.

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This is focused on the design and evaluation of drug delivery systems that release a bioactive agent at a rhythm matching the biological requirements of the treatment of a given disease [ 53 ].

Muslims take up the ecological challenge

Few of them have taken into account the chrononutritional properties responsible for the effectiveness of such compounds. These include, but are not limited to, chronobiological, immunomodulatory, neuroendocrine, and antioxidant activities Figure 1. Around this time of year, much of the world is advancing their clocks by one hour to make efficient use of seasonal daylight. Finally, in the most significant phenol in red wine, trans-resveratrol, was shown to prevent carcinogenesis in mice [ 68 ].

Most clinical studies conducted in the field of chrononutrition have so far focused their attention on small groups of the population with no marked health problems.

Chrononutrition against Oxidative Stress in Aging

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Increases in plasma tryptophan availability have been shown to enhance positive mood and dampen the cortisol response after an acute exposure to experimental stress. Such controlled conditions may not be feasible for most of us, and people using time-restricted eating may eat less when left to their own devices: Changes in dietary behaviour, such as increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, and grains, are a practical strategy for significantly reducing the incidence of chronic diseases.


It posits that the organism’s deterioration resulting from increasing longevity is above all a consequence of the persistent accumulation of free radical mediated damage to essential molecules. In particular, the time of day at which food is consumed directly influences certain metabolic and hormonal factors—glucose, free fatty acids, glucocorticoids, and thyroid hormones, among others [ 57 ].

These strong rhythms are characteristic of a healthy circadian system, and w e see this clearly in rodents. Since these are functions with a circadian rhythmicity, they deteriorate during aging with the weakening of overt circadian patterns [ 20 ].

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But it also increased the percentage of deep slow-wave NREM sleep chrononutririon 55 ]. Melatonin levels are consequently elevated as well [ 49 ].

During aging, any disturbance or imbalance in the relationship between the circadian and chroononutrition systems may lead to the impairment of numerous physiological processes. View at Google Scholar S. Get Smarter Right Now?

This hormone has a broad spectrum of physiological effects [ 20 ]. These nutritional strategies may contribute to taking full advantage of the potential benefits of phytochemicals as natural instruments with which to prevent or delay the onset of common age-related diseases.

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Just as research has provided a solid foundation for the overall relationship between food and health, the links between specific food components and particular health risks are now also being confirmed. We humans are immersed in an environment characterized by repetitive rhythmic cycles [ 32 ]. Donate Thank you for your support. English Choose a language for shopping. This is particularly relevant for alarm-clock users and night shift workers. Furthermore, eating lunch earlier has been associated with greater weight loss in cross-sectional studies In mice, when researchers restrict access to fructose to the period when mice are typically asleep, the rodents develop insulin resistance and gain fat in comparison to mice that have access to the fructose only during the period when they are active and normally eat 8.


We do not enter into the world with infinite knowledge of ourselves and our surroundings. It may be corrected by supplementation with melatonin or with foodstuffs rich in melatonin or in melatonin’s precursors. This seminal experiment showed that life span can be extended by diet restriction without malnutrition, as opposed to diet restriction with malnutrition which can have the opposite effect [ 63 ].

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Clearly therefore, larger-scale studies are required on priority groups of the population, for example, cancer or obesity patients, to examine the clinical relevance of the supplementation of diets with chronobiotically enriched foodstuffs.

Black lines represent normal circadian patterns of melatonin and serotonin secretion, while grey lines show a disturbed pattern due to aging process. While the total amount of carbohydrates may influence the architecture of sleep, it does not affect the duration. Understanding the aging process has gained in importance with people’s increasing life expectancy.

A major critical limitation of most of the clinical research on chfononutrition has been the lack of trials examining the longer-term health effects of this compound. To receive news and publication updates for Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, enter your email address in the box below.

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