Ocular and orbital cysticercosis has varied presentations depending upon the site of involvement, number of lesion and the host immune. Ocular cysticercosis may be extraocular (in the subconjunctival or orbital tissues) or intraocular (in the vitreous, subretinal space, or anterior. We observed and photographed intraocular cysticercosis in a year-old woman. . 24Moragrega, E.A. Diagnostico de cisticercosis ocular con ultrasonido.

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Intraocular lesions caused by cysticercosis most commonly occur in the vitreous or subretinal space, but subchoroidal, sub hyaliod, and into cistlcercosis anterior chamber, also occur. Thus, imaging studies are the most helpful in establishing the diagnosis.

Anti-ES antibodies were detected more frequently in cases having extra ocular cysts compared to intraocular location. If binocular diplopia is present then is important to look for: The main muscle for abduction is the lateral rectus, so although superior oblique contributes to a downwards and lateral eye movement, testing this motion would not be specific enough as inferior and lateral recti muscles would also be tested.

Ocupar [ ] and trichuriasis [ ] are the ocjlar widely mentioned parasitic infestations that can induce ptosis. The cyst has cistiicercosis be localized with indirect ophthalmoscopy, the exact site marked with diathermy. Medical treatment for intraocular cysticercosis is not advisable while that Albendazole or Praziquantel PZQin conjunction with corticosteroids can be used for extraocular presentations with very good results.

Diplopia may occur when the patient looks up and to the contralateral side of the affected eye. Treatment of extraocular muscle cysticercosis Contact B-scan ultrasonography was a diagnostic test of cysticercosis in Five years later, Bousquest et al [ ] reported a first case of intraoptic neurocysticercosis in a year-old boy living on Icular Island France.


InHarold W. It was communicated by Patwardhan and Bhatti. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. In Brazil, the prevalence in cistixercosis varies from 0.

The macular region being the thinnest and most vascularized, the larvae lodges itself in the subretinal space from where it perforates and enters into the vitreous cavity. As we before-cited, orbital cysticercosis is an uncommon presentation of cysticercosis even in endemic countries. A contribution to surgical treatment of intraocular cysticercosis. Please review our privacy policy. Most of studies done in India and Western countries confirmed that orbital cysticercosis with ocular involvement is an uncommon pathological process that may cause severe damage of the eyes and an important involvement of the visual acuity.

Cysticercosis of the Eyelid

In this condition unilateral or bilateral limitation of adduction is associated with nystagmus of the abducting eye. On B-scan ocular ultrasonography, a well-defined cyst with a hyperechoic scolex is seen [21].

To identify the cause of horizontal diplopia due to a lateral rectus muscle lesion or due to abducens palsy, imagenology studies are mandatory. As long as the cyst is live, the anterior chamber reaction is absent or minimal.

Cisticercosis ocular

cisticrrcosis Eosinophilia is usually absent unless there is widespread dissemination of the parasite. Extraocular muscle cysticercosis is the most common site of this parasitic disease when involving the orbit. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. It is fast and economical when compared to MRI. The sutures cannot be placed under the muscles. In case of subconjunctival cyst, excision biopsy is done to confirm the diagnosis followed by CT scan imaging to rule cisticercosls neurocysticercosis.

The age of the patients, clinical features of the orbital lesion, presence of other metastatic lesions, epidemiological features of cysticercosis, CT scans, and ultrasonographic studies are elements that cisticefcosis you to make a certain diagnosis.


Human beings are definitive hosts that harbor the adult parasite in the intestine and pigs are the intermediate hosts harboring the larvae. Before continue, our readership should remember that other causes of thickening of the extraocular muscle such as: The superior rectus muscle cisticerxosis a muscle in the orbit.

Cysticercosis of the eye

The rationale was that the intoto removal would help prevent any rupture of the cyst and release of toxic cyst products into the ocular cavity that may induce cisticercosix vitritis. Subretinal cysticercosis and optic nerve neurocysticercosis 3. It is hypothesized that the parasite reaches the posterior segment of cisticercosie eye via the high flow choroidal circulation through the short ciliary arteries.

The primary action is extorsion; secondary action is elevation; tertiary action is abduction i. The lateral muscular branch of the ophthalmic artery supplies the lateral rectus, superior rectus, and superior oblique muscles. Patients with hepatic cell carcinoma presenting primary symptoms of metastatic disease are rare and the retro-orbital mass as the initial manifestation of disease is also very uncommon as well.

Number one priority is localizing the cyst by indirect ophthalmoscopy at the pre-operatory stage and then to proceed as follows:.

Histopathological appearance of cysticercus showing scolex with sucker and hooklets surrounded by a well-defined cyst wall. Purchase access Subscribe to the journal.

If your patient complaints of diplopia on looking down and left is either left inferior rectus or right superior oblique.