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A study of movie awards. She said, ” It’s no use taking me to Mr. His food, he alleges, was highly nutritious and beneficial, and was a farinaceous food, which the respondent’s was not ; and the appellant believed, and it was the fact, that his food was far more nutritious and healthful than any other preparation yet offered to the public.

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Pearl Coated Warner, W. I also consider it an insult from the Society to ask me for the renewal of my subscription when apparently no decided effort is being put forth to settle this cohra question. The Lord Chancellor said the effect of the evidence in the court below seemed to point to the conclusion that Mellin’s food was best for infants up to the age of 6 months, but that afterwards Vance’s food would be more nutritious.

Method and apparatus for exploiting video streaming services of mobile terminals via proximity connections. Westminster Gazette, Septem- ber 8,says: Clm Norwegian non-freezing cod -liver oil old5 casks ; what cash offers? In “Hazeline” Cream the anodyne and styp- tic properties of ” Hazeline ” are associated with the emol- lient qualities of ” Lanoline,” a union that has shown itself to be singularly happy.

Yes coora and to horses. There was a label on the bottle, which showed that it had formerly contained medicine purchased from J. Baron Leibig discovered and publicly avowed the tin- suitableness of Meat Essences, Meat Extracts, and home- made Beef Tea as resuscitating agents or as food in any direct sense.


Leices- terLim. Revised and entirely Rewritten by H. The Society had no objection to honest criticism, and the infusion of new life would be an all- round advantage. Carboys, 4 2-gallon, swan neck, with cut stoppers, for sale, new, perfect. McCardie was for plaintiffs, and Mr. H 51 Hebdeu, W. We only tried to put off seven. Burroughs was buried at Monte Carlo last Friday. Chemist’s Assistant Dies after a “Wrestling- match. He the President hoped the druggists would get sense and endeavour to work with the Council.

Their works at Syracuse, which employ about 2, men, and use tons of coal and an equal amount of lime- stone daily, will be continued. The other members of the Council present were Messrs. To these are added several character-sketches of Mr.

Full text of “The chemist and druggist [electronic resource]”

In white, pink, mauve, and pensj— the last specially recommended for export. The names of the soaps are: Professor Mallet, of Virginia, U.

May ft Baker, Lim. Can be attached to Existing Gas Fittings.

The whole process is conducted on the lines adopted at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, and under the personal supervision of a distinguished London bacteriologist, so that the serum may be thoroughly relied upon as to both potency and perfect sterilisation.

A drug-dealer at Birmingham who sold some quinine has been sued for damages by the person who took it on the ground that more had been supplied than was asked for, and tbat she had been injured in consequence.

Burroughs, Wellcome ft Co, Bush, W. Dated ckhora 26th day of January, Carteighe presided, to promote an S. If, too, they had preliminary examinations of a much better character, these would not only be the means of drawing a better type of men into the profession, but the knowledge gained would be a great advantage to the men in alter-life.

Hayes, expressed his gratitude for the mark of sympathy placed on record by the Council. In the xet — and, therefore, in the powder obtained by grinding it — two fairly good diagnostic characters are present.

He recognised the prisoners, and stated that one of them Webber came to him on De- cember 19, and wanted to know if they could prepare him a mixture of sulphur, coloured with lampblack, in tins, and asked for a price to be quoted. On February 8, the Cardiff Coroner resumed an inquest on. At present fifty -one registered druggists subrcribed to the Society, of whom only five belonged to Belfast.


The Distilling and Cattle-feeding Company started out to monopolise the alcohol industry, but its business methods encouraged rather than restricted competition. The chemist told him to be careful how he took it. Strongly recommended by the Medical Faculty in all cases of weakened constitution, and particularly useful in cases of ladies whilst nursing, and delicate children, or in exr where a stimulating — digestive — tonic — nutrient is indicated.

LLOYD, with the receipt, trade-mark, and goodwill of the celebrated Euxesis, the trade aie cautioned that the original and genuine Euxesis is now manufactured at our Factory ONLY, and may be obtained at either of our Warehouses. The appellant is the proprietor of Dr. Projected Pharmaceutical Exhibition in Hol- land.

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In respect to the curriculum, particularly in the chemistry classes, he urged that the managers attempted to carry out a syllabus too long for a single session.

The fact that no such action had been maintained for half a century showed that it was not maintainable. The applicant’s pharmaceutical career, it was stated, was entered on prior to the passing of the regulation ; and the writer also said that from the time the company was established in until now no demur had been made as to accepting its certificates. It is a matter in which the druggists are interested as much as the pharmaceutical chemists.

Piazza de Ferrari, On the motion of Mr. Turkington then cohoda Mr. Foss pleaded that he did not know the machine was not stamped.