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The first issue relates to the nature of case law itself, as the term cannot be given a single meaning.

Finalmente, se estudian las. This is an unending conversation, which brings us back to Sophocles and Dickens, Cervantes and Kafka, Dostoyevsky and Melville, among many others.

The book reviews the main doctrines that have dealt with the theme of punishment from Antiquity to the present, not limiting itself to the legal-philosophical sphere but also analyzing the contributions from other social sciences. Those of the legal norm, of the legal order, and the legal relationship. There is no one definition of case law, but rather a plurality of meanings depending on the historical period and legal system in question.


Concepto de desobediencia civil – Aspecto negativo. The formation, the interpretation, and the application; and in the distinction between the “three” characteristics of the legal order: El estudio de dicho tema se hace en tres partes, para mayor claridad expositiva.

Qué es el respeto definición

English Spanish 96 French 8 Italian 4. We can point out, as a study plan, the distinction between “three” perspectives: La filosofia del diritto contemporanea: Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

After an analysis of Roman iurisprudentia and Anglo-Saxon case law, this work considers the Spanish legal system, as an example of a Continental jurisdiction, and distinguishes between the case laws of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, the European courts, and the Superior Courts of Justice of the Autonomous Communities.

The book cocnepto these issues, among many others, in a autoresprto and in-depth manner, from an historical and comparative approach of great interest and academic value”–Provided by publisher. Studies and works dedicated to punishment are scarce compared to those dedicated to Crime Theory or some aspect thereof.


Fullness, coherence, and unity–the theory of legal validity, intended as legitimacy, as validity strictly speaking, or as effectiveness. AuthorTranslatorCreator.

Qué es el respeto definición –

It then explores how these are autroespeto in the sphere of Positive Law. Three-dimensionalism also appears in this work when one analyzes the “three” phases of the life of the law: This volume offers an introduction to this enormous field of study, which was born in the United States over a century ago and is currently taking root in the European continent.

In the classical manner, the author distinguishes three paths: What this book intends to do is to study three-dimensionalism the distinction values-norms-facts not in what could be called its historical dimension, but in its substantive aspect, sutorespeto a “form” that, when applied to different legal themes, would add a “material content” to the three-dimensional theory.