La corrupción azul: el despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales. Front Cover. Daniel Lizárraga. Random House Mondadori, – Language Arts. Corrupcion azul/Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las transiciones presidenciales/Waste in Presidential Transitions by Daniel Lizarraga at : Corrupcion azul / Blue Corruption: El despilfarro en las Edition ) () by Daniel Lizarraga and a great selection of similar New.

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Are the Rumors True? Documentary filmmaker, journalist and author Erling Borgen is in charge of the only production house in Scandinavia, making documantaries only about human rights issues and art and culture.

All data journalists can benefit from learning Structured Query Language or SQL, the language behind database managers. Ten-year-old Yula, has but one dream—to escape the largest garbage dump in Europe and lead a normal life.

MCCI- Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad – Daniel Lizárraga

Reporting on Money Daniell Money laundering is not only one of the hardest financial crimes to prove, it’s also one of the toughest stories to investigate. He will share with the audience the design of our blended learning courses, the topics covered and the electronic tools usde. He is currently an advisor assigned to the U. He is sometimes called a search anthropologist because of his focus Tom Heinemann is an independent investigative journalist and filmmaker. Eva Belmonte Spain, is a journalist specialised in public data treatment and analysis.

Following the discovery of oil inGhana is on the road to becoming one of Africa’s more economically successful countries.

Roman Anin Head of investigative section, Novaya Gazeta. C in Arlington, Virginia. Stefano Liberti is an award-winning journalist, documentary-maker and film director specialized in international migrations and global food markets.

John Reynolds Business journalist, Freelance. Eager to learn how corrupcionn professionals get those great interviews that are personal and revealing?

GIJC Full Schedule

It is a universal story of hope, courage, and life. But more than that, they will show that intimidation does not work.

Kim Yong Jin will explain the success of Newstapa, Korea’s video-based investigative nonprofit, which has more than 30, dues-paying members. He joined the Bureau in and has reported extensively on party political funding, the financial lobby, commodities, asset recovery, the supply of affordable housing and the migration crisis.


Prior to joining Tableau he has worked for international organizations and in acad Even family members of reporters are being arrested, for instance in Azerbaijan and Central Asia.

And are we too pessimistic about the long-term corrosive impact of trauma exposure? But protection by journalists and esteem in society for whistleblowers do not reflect that importance.

And what should we do most urgently lizwrraga to ensure that their member countries stop the persecution and violence against journalists doing their jobs?

Can independent media really survive? How do you find videos from inside his house? Johnston has been an outstanding American investigative reporter for more than 50 years.

I have been raped. Now you have to come up to speed on that topic ASAP. We’ll conquer common data-cleaning issues and much more. He is the former head of the ARIJ research desk. But if you want to get fancier, there are a bunch of other options to display chronologies and storylines.

Here’s what the Deutsche Welle Akademie did by partnering with the Mongolian Press Institute and veteran trainers from the global investigative journalism community. Tonje Hessen Schei is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has worked with independent documentary production since Design Principles for News Apps While the tools and techniques to present large datasets in a visual way may differ from project to project, the basic design principles stay pretty much the same whether you’re creating a poster or a news application.

Leon Willems, Netherlands, is the Director of Free Press Unlimited, a leading press freedom organisation active in more than 30 countries and focusing on conflict reporting, safety for journalists, investigative journalism, gender and youth and media. Ten investigative reporters from six different countries, one data-journalist, one data-scientist, three editors, one cross-examiner, and a host of lawyers joined the effort in producing in-depth research into the Mafia’s involvement in 13 countries.

This session will look at basic calculations for overview analysis of data, showing ways to quickly find stories through ratios, rates, percentage change, and summarizing data with pivot tables. In Story-Based Inquiry, the hypothesis accounts for the principal event. Be sure to register so you can create a personalized schedule and better network with your colleagues.

Helene Skjeggestad is a staff reporter of Norway’s number one quality newspaper, Aftenpoosten. When we look at the worldwide statistics of rape and violence against women in general, India comes off pretty badly. In Kenya, civil society groups are generating valuable data from parliamentary monitoring, extractive industry documents and budget analysis that have led to major investigations. We’ve brought together four great minds working on these issues, with plenty of tips for those ready to launch investigative newsrooms, online publications, cross-border projects, training centers, and more.


Daniel Lizárraga

Kaplan is executive director of Global Investigative Journalism Network GIJNthe international association of investigative reporting organizations, with member groups in 68 countries. Python for Scraping 2 An introduction to webscraping axul Python: He will present on the opportunities, challenges and results of the methodology and using the same principles for developing a nonprofit business model.

John Grobler is a veteran investigative reporter, based in Windhoek, Namibia from where he keeps an eye on the political nexus between natural resource exploitation and organised crime in his own country as well as neighbouring Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, although It will give you important tips on how to examine your own idea, how to convince human sources to cooperate with you, how to get the evidence you need, how to demand accountability and how to make sure that everything you publish is accurate, fair and relevant.

But a solution that works great for one project might not be the best fit for your next story. From corrrupcion she was a member of the investigative reporting team of Perfil Newspaper in Ar Many fail to apply their own reporting techniques to finding donors and to invest in “development.

We cover the following apps: What are the signs of money laundering and how do you report on it? He writes and analyzes data mostly about politics, economy, demography and social issues What are the keys to building and sustaining a nonprofit investigative news organization?