The HR High Resolution Sputter Coaters from Cressington offer real solutions to the problems encountered when coating difficult samples for FESEM . COLUMBIA NANO INITIATIVE / CENTER FOR INTEGRATED SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. CNI Shared Facilities. Cressington Manual Sputter. Coater. Cressington series SEM sputter coaters. Fine grain, compact, bench top sputter coaters with short coating cycles and excellent coating quality. Gold coating.

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Optical lens cleaning tissue. Separate, dedicated coaters avoid any contamination issues and deliver high quality, high purity sample coatings.

The Cressington series sputter coaters are designed to quickly coat non-conductive SEM samples with a thin conductive coating of precious metal. The target shutter allows cleaning of non-precious targets. Micro to Nano V. Stands Hitachi Stub Prep. Carbon Rods Carbon Fibers. The results are short cycle times, responsive pumping and improved coating results.

It provides fine grain coating for standard SEM applications. Steel Discs Gold Coated Discs.

The Cressington auto is the most popular coating system, favoured by many SEM labs. Vacuum is provided by the pumping system which consists of a compact 2.


Slim tweezers High Prec. Reverse Tweezers High Prec.

Mini Tweezers High Prec. The controls on the front panel enable full automatic coating cressiington with manual override at each step. UranyLess staining Lead citrate contrast.

K-Kit liquid cells K-kit accessories. The choice of Cressington sputter coaters include: There are two systems available: With the R-P-T stage, a high degree of uniformity can be achieved. Optionally available is the Cressington MTM10 thickness monitor to precisely measure the coating thickness.

Cressington series bench top SEM sputter coaters for gold coating of non-conductive samples

Vacuum is provided by the efficient pumping cfessington which consists of a compact 2. Compact, efficient, desk-top pumping systems for the Cressington coaters The compact, desk-top vacuum pumping system for the Cressington series consists of a highly efficient direct drive 2 stage rotary vacuum pump, anti vibration tray and all metal vacuum couplings. They all incorporate unique constant sputterlng control, low voltage sputter power supply and ultra-cool sputter head.

This enables quality coating of non-conductive SEM samples without heating the sample surface. EM-Storr vacuum storage Vacu-Storr containers. Product Unit Name Quote Wateringweg 79 EK Haarlem Netherlands.


cressungton Cryo Jug with lid Cryo LN2 containers. Alternatively, the coating process can be controlled manually. The pumping system is placed directly behind the coater to ensure an extremely fast pump-down time of less than 30 seconds to 0.

Cryo pin creswington ultra microtomes. The manual enables fine grain coating and includes a unique vacuum independent constant current control. Slide mailers Boxes for 25 slides Box for slides Box for large 2x3inch slides.

Cressington 108 series SEM sputter coaters

For improved uniformity of rough samples the optional rotary-tilting stage is recommended. High purity 6mm High purity 9mm High purity 12mm High purity 12mm Super smooth 12mm Super smooth sputteriing.

All controls are placed on the front panel: With the optional R-T or R-P-T stage, chamber height can be varied between and mm; the top-plate is attached to a telescopic post. Locking Tweezers High Prec. The controls of the front panel show cressignton exact status of each step in the coating sequence.