CSOPERATING SYSTEMS QUESTION BANK. SUB. Why is the Operating System viewed as a resource allocator & control program? 3. What is the. Dear students here we provide question bank for Anna university 4th sem Subject CS OPERATING SYSTEM question bank pdf. you can download the OS. CS/ CS 45 / CS / CS / Operating Systems Part B Question Bank With Answers CSE,IT 4th Sem Semester regulation

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This scheme is known as sector sparing or forwarding. System Calls are also called as Monitor call or Operating-system function call.


What is Sector Sparing? Several jobs are placed in bahk main memory and the processor is t p switched from job to job as needed to keep several jobs advancing while keeping the peripheral devices in use.

In what ways the directory is implemented? The section of the code implementing this request is the entry section.

CSOperating Systems Question Bank Collection

Write notes about Stable storage and tertiary storage. A FIFO has properties identical to a pipe, except that it appears in the file system; thus, it can be opened using the open system call. Protection bits that are associated with each frame accomplish memory protection in a paged environment. The leftover 3 frames could be used as a free-frame operatlng pool.

What are Privileged Instructions? Bqnk entry section and exit section. What are the different types of Access? What is the kernel? Soft real time systems have more limited utility than do hard real-time systems. The thread cancellation is the task of terminating a thread before it has completed. Consider the following page-reference string: Anna University – B. What is the use of inter process communication?


E Civil 5th Semester Question What are the benefits OS co-operating processes? One opens it for reading, the other for writing. For a computer to start running when powered up or rebooted it needs to have an initial program to run. What is independent process?

Operating system OS CS2254 previous year question papers

What is a Path Name? Where is the Menu? Define Busy Waiting and Spinlock. What is the basic approach of page replacement? What is page frame?

Begins at the root and follows a path down to the specified file, giving the directory names on the path. Monitor mode is also called supervisor mode, system mode or privileged mode.


What is meant by context switch? Typically it involves a robotic mechanism which will mount insert and dismount removable is often copied to secondary storage before use.

Define effective access time. Write in detail about Deadlock Avoidance. Each process executing the shared data variables excludes all others from doing so simultaneously.

Write about the various CPU scheduling algorithms. When other instructions are needed, they are e loaded into space occupied previously by instructions that are no longer needed. When several process access and manipulate same data concurrently, then the outcome of the execution depends on particular order in which the access takes place is called race condition.

A Program containing relocatable code was created, assuming it would be loaded at address 0. If the request cannot be granted immediately, then the requesting process must wait until it can acquire the resource. The protection bits can be checked to verify that no writes are being made to a read-only page.


The requirements can be divided into two basic groups: To be considered atomic, upon reading back a just written-to portion of the disk, the storage subsystem must return either the write data or the data that was on that portion of the disk before the write operation.

Remember me on this computer. Mathematics 1 – January and May Question The stub is a small piece of code that indicates how to locate the appropriate memory-resident library routine, or how to load the library if the routine is not already present. What are the various file operations? What are conditions under which a deadlock situation may arise?

As long as there is always some job to execute, the CPU will never be idle. The processes are assumed to have arrived in the order p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, all at time 0.

Write notes about disk management and swap-space management. A stub is included in the image for each library-routine reference.

The most general scheme to implement identity-dependent access is to associate with each file and directory an access control unit. The two algorithms used for its implementation are: It shares with other threads belonging to the same process its code section, data section, and operating system resources such as open files and signals. In a multiprogramming system, the operating system simply switches to and executes another job.