John Who? If you don’t know who John Franklin is, he’s the author of Cyclecraft, the guide to riding a bike on the road. That in itself is fine, as it. This is exactly what John Franklin has done with CycleCraft. The most notable is Effective Cycling by John Forester. Effective Cycling was. John Franklin. · Rating details · 58 ratings · 4 reviews. Provides a guide to safe cycling. This work contains practical advice on how to ride a bike confidently .

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To those of you who would defend Franklin and his anti-infrastructure stance, answer me these questions: So, in summary, proper Dutch segregation would be nice in the UK, but there are huge forces working against it which have nothing to do with cycling. I took my 6-year-old daughter on an mile round trip to a car boot sale on Monday, with no problems at all.

Matt Turner rated it liked it Mar 29, We are not the Netherlands. CycleCraft also makes judicious use of illustrations, and highlights important points made in its chapters. I suspect casualty rates would be far higher but for JF.

RoSPA has no hesitation in recommending it as essential reading. To ask other readers questions about Cyclecraftplease sign up. I used to think that too and took the lane proud of the fact that I was helping to create better motorists.


A big difference between Cyclecrart Cycling and CycleCraft is the treatment of controversial subjects, like wearing helmets jonn use of bike lanes. The final chapters deal with special bicycle situations such as carrying children and baggage, riding tandems, tricycles and recumbents, and riding in groups. We have got plenty of space but it does mean taking away some of the space allocated to cyclecrfat modes. Any ideas on how to do this outside of random stops and license checks? December 26, at 4: Would you encourage small children, or maybe your parents, to take the lane on Euston Road?

The dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor. Whether you are new to cycling, looking to extend your skills, or wanting to know how best to teach your children to cycle, Cyclecraft offers practical advice on how to ride a bike confidently and safely in modern traffic conditions.


Book Review: CycleCraft, by John Franklin | | Commute Orlando

And a very poor cyclist to boot. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I bring this up to counterpoint cyclecrafh Vehicular Cycling issue, as Ian Brett Cooper seems to blame riders for the majority of KSI, in spite of statistical evidence from the UK pointing to the driver as the usual culprit.

I detest the thought of popular cycling — except in third world cities where people have little choice. The NTSB has called on the 50 states and the District of Columbia to ban the nonemergency use of PEDs other than those designed to support the driving task for all drivers.

John Franklin supports Dutch-style cycle paths! So despite all the evidence which proves that cycling infrastructure increases both cycling rates and cycling johbJohn Franklin really is saying that cycle-specific stuff is bad and dangerous, and everyone should ride on ffanklin road with those nice, safe lorries.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube by experienced cyclists who repeatedly get close passeshorns honkedknocked offfranklun.

Cyclecraft – Wikipedia

ffranklin And that I neednt wear a helmet or lycra and never have. It will also be easier to restart quickly in a low gear at traffic signals and roundabouts, and to get yourself out of trouble if you are on a potential collision course.

Sustrans has shown how popular these are. The author of CyclecraftJohn Franklin, is a consultant and registered Expert Witness on cycling skills and safety and was a member of the reference group that set up the National Standard. Alternatively, maybe its because cycecraft many Americans have guns that they feel more confident about facing down motorists? Well, not so much.

Also, he is part of the reason that, for me, a Sunday evening pleasure ride turned into a nerve-wracking endurance test from hell.

His work has encouraged people to cycle on the road at an optimum level of safety. The same people who say the roads are too dangerous say they want cyclepaths.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. The only way forward is to encourage as much riding as possible now, in as many ways as we can. Maybe I should have ignored the rest of the PDF, focussed on that paragraph and written an article all about how John Franklin loves separated cycle paths?

The thing is, the cycling world has been a talking shop around all this stuff for decades.

May 12, at 9: But its not so is it? A city certainly not built for cycling, and the frankin Soviet Sector had absolutely none of it in Nov 14, Matt rated it it cyclecrxft amazing. The Dutch example [in the photo] shows how cycle tracks should be. You have never even met me, let alone seen me ride a bike, so you know nothing of my positioning.

Seems to be the done thing, after all! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Maggie, Please explain the cycling infrastructure in Berlin. To achieve the kind of change I would like to see will require a major shift in public perceptions. Saying that, the Dutch would laugh at most of our existing separate cycle infrastructure where it exists.

So I agree with you here. Do this and cars will not try to force their way by you. On most journeys to school, children will undoubtedly encounter a dangerous junction or roundabout that will be difficult to negotiate.

Cyclecraft: The Complete Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Cycling for Adults and Children

The core issue is one of entitlement in that motorists feel entitled to free on street parking, unobstructed forward motion, priority and so on. In a way the children are creating a cyclepath network by defualt but it would be much better to build it properly. The children I train go on to be better road users in a wider sense and will make better drivers.