Answer: The Dake Bible was first published in and is the result of the work of a man named Finnis Jennings Dake (), a Pentecostal minister. Publisher of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible, God’s Plan for Man, Revelation Expounded, Bible Truths Unmasked, Other material authored by Finis J. Dake. Items 1 – 9 of 9 dake reference bible. KJV Dake Annotated Reference Bible, Large Print, Bonded leather, Black NKJV Dake Bible Imitation Leather Burgundy.

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And if one does not have enough faith to bkble oneself well, it follows that he cannot have enough faith to be saved. There is also a comple All Hell cannot rob him of either blessing if one refuses to permit demon forces to defeat him. Dake argues that to deny his view results in the absurd conclusion that God daks us to be sick: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The problem with equating physical sickness with sin in the atonement is that if a person does not have enough faith to be healed, then that person has no assurance that he or she has enough faith to be saved.

It is similar to the question of whether God can lie: Yet it’s not just the number of notes, references and headings that set the Dake Bible apart. To can see a sample of the Bible Click Here.

Each Christian denomination can point to certain preachers and teachers who have helped shape and propagate its theology and practice. His most well known work was the Dake Annotated Reference Bible.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Why not now… in NKJV! Servant Books, Second, without His divine attributes, Jesus cannot be God. Paul, in fact, stated that the whole world is waiting for the full and final redemption from the effects of the fall, daked includes sickness and disease Rom. His relationship with the Assemblies of God denomination, however, soon ended.


Dake Bible – Home

Save to your iBooks app. Dake fails to clearly and consistently teach that salvation justification is by grace alone through faith alone apart from works — two of the central doctrines of the Protestant Reformation.

And just because God made male and female does not mean he is male and female. We took the very popular Large Print Dake and reduced the physical size and print size 8.

Therefore those who die physically due to lack bibel faith must also wind up in hell for the same reason. Men merit hell, but not eternal life.

Dake’s Dangerous Doctrine – Christian Research Institute

Induring Dake’s ministry in Zion, he was convicted of violating the Mann Act by wilfully transporting year-old Emma Barelli across the Wisconsin state line “for the purpose of debauchery and other immoral practices. These days it seems that new study Bibles appear about as often as new Web sites! God’s Plan for Man. Well, if you’re looking for such a Bible, bookmark this page and read on! AD was written partly boble defend the orthodox understanding of the Trinity against an error known as tritheismwhich says that the Trinity is three separate Gods.

God lives in a mansion on a material planet called Heaven and is invisible to us only because He is so far away that we cannot see Him, 62 humans are miniatures of God in attributes and power, 63 Adam replaced Lucifer as ruler of the earth, 64 disease germs are related to demons, 65 God wants the races to remain separate as they were originally and will be in eternity.

Trinitarians, moreover, have not understood being to mean the same thing as personas Dake argues, otherwise the Trinity would be three infinite, perfect beings. After working as a pastor and evangelist in Texas and Oklahoma, he moved to Nible, Illinois, in order to become the pastor of the Christian Assembly Church. Obscure readings are made clear.


More than twenty years of painstaking research went into it. Retrieved from ” https: Burgess and Gary B. Unfortunately the bible is found with marks, underlining, highlighting, etc. There is a problem with this simplistic approach: The app will also provide you with easy access to our YouTube Channel and Facebook page. He eventually became bibke of any denomination; it is not known why he later ended his relationship with the Church of God.

Our app will finally give you the freedom to have your Dake Bible wherever you go and access to Rev. Take a look at our Bookshelf. There are 9, heading Any limitations He had can be ascribed either to His human nature e. GPFM, emphasis in original; cf.

See each bibls for international shipping options and costs. Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Jesus Christ, the God-Man, possesses two separate and distinct natures in His one person. His works, while containing many biblical truths, include numerous other unbiblical and outlandish teachings, such as: Sin embargo, no es solamente el n? His attention to the biblical text results in many correct observations and interpretations; however, his overly simplistic, hyperliteral approach results in many incorrect interpretations as well as unorthodox and problematic doctrines in his theology.

This article first appeared in the Christian Research Journalvolume 27, number 5 Dake died of complications from Parkinson’s disease on July 7,