There’s something about almost dying that makes a girl rethink her priorities. Take Nicki Styx—she was strictly goth and vintage, until a brush with the afterlife . Following a near-death experience, the owner of a vintage clothing store in Atlanta discovers that she can see dead people—and worse, hear. Dead Girls Are Easy (Nicki Styx, Book 1) This was another fun and easy read! Lighthearted, a bit of romance, and a touch of scary! Ok so it goes.

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Indeed, I think the twin sister thing is a little teeri It was a nice book to read and perfect to relax. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.

The voodoo is stereotypical as well; Terri Garey presents most of deac loa as “evil” even though that’s not the way they’re seen within the religion. I mean, what girl doesn’t want or need an overly dramatic and heterosexually challenged male BFF? I really enjoyed this. What can I say? But I laugh through it, and i enjoyed it.

Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey –

We take abuse seriously in our discussion terrri. Joe Bascombe was one big cliche’. Feb 17, The Flooze rated it really liked it Shelves: When Nicki Styx has a near-death experience after suffering from heretofore unknown heart problems, she’s sent back with the message “do unto others as you would have them do unto you. There was a bit of romance, a bit of terror, and some humorous times. Mar 19, Laurie rated it liked it Shelves: Quotes by Terri Garey.

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Written in Red by Anne Bishop. Terri Garey is currently reading. You meet Nicki Styx in an unimaginable gurls. Potrei proseguire con la serie, solo per lei o quasi I instantly fell in love with her best friend. It was simply fluff. To ask other readers questions about Dead Girls Are Easyplease sign up.


Please set the title of the topic thread as the name of the book or series, and preferably include also the author’s name if it fits. It’s not overly descriptive, but it says the details in the character’s eyes. Their new ultra-hot relationship is threatened by Nicki’s predicament as Joe begins to think Nicki is crazy.

A proposito di terro soap opera scadente teri fase di sviluppo We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. I think it suffered a little from being the rebound book that followed my 2 weeks of BDB.

Indeed, I think the twin sister thing tdrri a little weird. I’m not sure how I feel about Evan I greatly enjoyed the twists throughout the book.

Dead Girls Are Easy

Her novels have been described as “smoldering” by Publishers Weekly, and “sultry and upbeat” by Library Journal. The First Prophet by Kay Hooper. But soon Nicki finds out just exactly what that whole “Golden Rule” stuff was about.

Sure they can be fun, but they made so many people believe falsehoods, like Satanists sacrifice infants–which as yet has not been documented anywhere. God, that duppy scared the hell out of me more than once! Dec 19, I think one thing eash really did it for me in this story was the writing. I also liked the fact that the steamy scenes didn’t go overboard because this book was fun and carefree!

The author’s writing reminds me of Lynsay Sands and her Argeneau series. Seraphina by Tarey Hartman. I’m reading the second book now and will LYK how that one turns out later. Full review link coming soon.


Book Review – Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey

Whistling Past the Graveyard 3. Caprice got caught up in a deal with the devil after discovering her husband was cheating on her and after being killed, her husband’s lover Felicia is trying to take her soul.

I went to the dentist yesterday and then laid in bed and thought about dwad last night. The narrative flowed well, dialogue had a natural conversational cadence, the world building was enough for the purpose of the story, the city of Atlanta one of my favorites was well described and its diversity captured well.

But, Being brought back from the dead really wears on a girl and now she is able to see Dead People. May 04, Colleen rated it really liked it.

A sometimes funny, sometimes scary paranormal story with a bit of romance. She is fun and witty with enough spark in her to light off an army of fireworks!

Yup, the covers featuring a guy unbuttoned And I especially enjoyed zre twist at the end of the story. Nikki and Joe, how they meet and how they’re connected even before they officially meet–though I will say it’s weird that they still got together even after what happened.

Oct 17,