Decreto que reforma, adiciona y deroga diversas disposiciones de la ley del cobertura legal del personal civil (decretos leyes y de , ley núm. Decreto ley núm. 28, y del Estatuto de los trabajadores de la administración pública de Macao, aprobado por decreto ley núm. de Deroga la orden de 17 julio sobre la misma materia. . Decreto-ley núm por el que se autoriza la extensión del campo de acción de las cajas.

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Mongolia – Public and civil servants – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Los derechos sobre las invenciones de servicio pertenecen al empleador, cuando la naturaleza del contrato de trabajo sea una actividad creativa o inventiva, salvo que se haya estipulado expresamente lo contrario art. Health Insurance benefits Chapter 2. Amendment of Public Service Regulations, No. Law no 41 I of 5 May concerning travel and tourist agencies, the profession of the tourist guide and other relevant matters.

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This act increases the retirement pension 19688 civil servants who retired before January 1, Regulations applying to the dismantling of houses for urban construction in city planning zones. For the meaning of the term works of artistic craftsmanshipsee the commentary under ” United Kingdom “.

The law appears to be retroactive: If there is any doubt about the copyright status of a work from New Zealand, refer to the relevant laws for clarification. Loi du 20 juillet concernant le statut du juge.


The Regulations cover disputes in relation to the application of contracts of employment and summary dismissals, layoffs and dismissal for infractions of disciplinary rules s. Tiene la siguiente estructura: Regulations Relating Protection of surface and workings No.

Provides for basis of calculation decrero periods of active service and the equivalent contributions. Posthumously published works have a term of years after publication, if published within years of the author’s death Art. These increases are also taken into consideration in calculating allowances for increases in the cost of living, as well as pensions.

Amends Section 2 of the basic Act.

Commons:Copyright rules by territory/Consolidated list M-N

In the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved. Other various provisions Chapter IX: Amends National Strategic Intelligence Act, The Regulations provide that a worker or employee may be dismissed if he or she has engaged in certain acts set forth herein and has shown no sign of repentance following education or administrative sanction s.

China – Condiciones de empleo – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Provisional Regulations on the recruitment of workers in state-run enterprises, issued by the State Council.

This Act mainly restructures posts at the preschool and primary education system and establishes new wage structures. Photos of people may not be published without their consent unless either a the image illustrates a current event of interest the general public, or b the person is clearly not the main subject of the image i.


This page provides an overview of copyright rules of Malawi relevant to uploading works into Wikimedia Commons. Made under the Public Education Service Laws In other words, as ofworks published prior to 1 January are now in the public domain.

Supplements the Law on Public Educational Service, by adding new article 28E, which introduces a special provision regulating the appointment of educational officials in schools of the territories occupied by the Turkish troops.

Adds an additional Article 1 references made to crimial courts and temporary Articles 6 and 8 dates of entry into force.

Determines the upper limits of the salaries, allowances and benefits of the different members of municipal councils. Article 8 introduces taxation for the lump sum and for any bonus gained on duty from the 1st January onwards. The law replaced and repealed Dahir No. Construction of the following notions: Management of contracting enterprises; Ch. Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o vojsci Crne Gore – Adoption: Law 73 I ofamending Law No.

Defines the terms “public instruction service” and deceeto official” and provides for matters relating to wages and promotions.