Find out more on Dell Latitude D specifications on PC World. Specifications. Dell D Processor The Dell Latitude D is optimized for hard business work Dell Latitude D Image. Compared to its predecessor, the Dell Latitude D looks like it’s been on Weight Watchers–and we love the results. This corporate system weighs a.

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It is no secret that laptop speakers are bad. I choose two MB sticks total 1GB to take advantage of dual channel memory capability which in theory doubles the bandwidth of the pipe from the Spces to the memory controller. Vertically you can observe the usual whitening and blackening, if you move the vantage point up or down.

The keyboard has a good layoutsimilar to desktop PCs. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. The Latitude L satisfies our expectations regarding this aspect and is also a model regarding temperature emissions.

Dell Latitude D Specifications – Notebooks – Performance – PC World Australia

At first blush, a tastefully styled though by no means beautiful and well-built notebook. It allows to precisely control the mouse pointer.

There’s a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws. The size of the keys is alright. Another minor issue is with the amount of play in the WiFi catcher switch a nifty feature that allows me to detect WiFi networks without booting up more on this later.


Again a so-called ” powered USB ” port is provided. Rate and comment on specific criteria. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Review Dell Latitude D820 Notebook

It performs like I was expecting, the battery life is excellent with the additional 6-cell media bay battery and it’s gaming power is close to what I was hoping for. The D has a magnesium alloy body that is supposed to protect the laptop from flexing and the wear-and-tear of corporate travel and use. Visit our network of sites: We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Typical Dell, most of the interfaces are at the back side.

The case should be made out of a kind of magnesium alloyand the cover at the top side is out of plastics.

Review Dell Latitude L Notebook. The standard keyboard and a comfortable touch-pad are its input devices. The screen is most likely the Achilles heel of the D, if it has apecs.

Regarding mobile computational power there is, therefore, nothing left to be desired. This equipment is alright for daily demands. As a high school graduation gift, my parents bought me a Dell Latitude D However, the brightness clearly declines to the top, so the illumination is only The only weakness is the moderate contrast of the display.

Back side view of D ports view large image. A cool feature is the automatic light-sensor which adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light conditions.


Since this laptop was going to have to last me through at least four years of college, it needed to be able to take a beating.

This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. Optionally, of course other, faster and bigger, hard disk models are available sppecs.

The measurement diagram of the display calibration depicts that the blue color curve has to be lowered to calibrate the colors. Your workday, however, ho Please, switch off ad blockers. Dell-Insiders won’t take long in order to recognize the known Inspiron design also in the Latitude L. Finally, the D also scores high regarding battery runtime. The ramshorn hook is made of metal and works alright, but, we noticed that it is somewhat loosely attached to the case.

Obviously these hinges will deteriorate over time but they look to be well-made. Please, switch off ad blockers. No HDD benchmark entry found! Another notable design feature of the D is the StrikeZone protection for the hard disk. Also the stability to the vantage point is alright.

Games are only limited possible, but older games without much 3D demands are yet playable. A dependable product that doesn’t really stand out from the competition.