No abras los ojos Shut Your Eyes Narración en Castellano (Audio Download): : John Verdon, Josema Soler, © John Verdon, Javier Guerrero (traduccion), Roca Editorial de Libros S.L. (de esta edicion) (P) Audible, Inc. No abras los ojos [Shut Your Eyes] (Narración en Castellano) (Audible Audio Edition): John Verdon, Josema Soler, Audible Studios: : Audible Canada. No Abras Los Ojos: John Verdon: Books – No es EL libro para volver a leer, pero como producto de entretenimiento, cumple.

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I actually had to re-read the murder scene.

With Abgas Your Eyes Tight, John Verdon delivers on the promise of his internationally bestselling debut, Think of a Number, creating a portrait of evil let loose across generations that is as rife with moments of touching humanity as it is with spellbinding images of perversity. Apr 14, Larry Bassett rated it it was amazing Shelves: I sometimes needed a break, however, from the unremitting grimness of the storyline, and yet, like I said, you got Dave.

As in why oh why are I subjecting myself to this book. In the foreground we have our mystery, the crime, and the consequences of that on the architecture and inhabitants of the hidden city, the agenda and the detective pursuing drscargar agenda. Feb 26, Jb rated it really liked it Shelves: He could have been set up for a very serious crime, and his only defense would be that he had been drugged and photographed in a compromising situation without his knowledge.

No abras los ojos

Retired homicide detective, living in upstate New York on a bucolic little farmstead I hope I used that word correctlyDave is asked – once again! He and his wife Madeleine have planned to spend some much needed for their marriage quality time together.


But back to her Going by the blurb on the back of his third novel, he hasn’t, though. The characters are intriguing and the crimes are challenging.

Shut Your Eyes Tight

I hit the power switch on my Kindle and focus on the page before me. Tiene capas y capas, Davey.

I shall read the next Dave Gurney novel post-haste. The reader is sure to learn something after reading this book. Four months prior, a young woman Jillian Perry was murdered on her wedding day – her head cut off with a machete – and while Hardwick originally was running the investigation, a disagreement with his commanding officer over how it should be run led to Hardwick being taken off the case and replaced by Arlo Blatt – those who read the first book will remember that Blatt is Gurney discovers that he misses the hunt.

To me she’s a horrible communicator, want This is the second book I’ve read by this author and the plots are gripping and the main character although conforms pretty closely to the stereotypical male lead that bores me isn’t at all verdoj.

Watching the way Dave’s first case impacted their relationship was interesting, but watching the same story a second time was less entertaining. The police have launched a massive manhunt for the missing man, but he has vanished, along with the neighbor lady lks whom he was allegedly having an affair.

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The Book Report, n. The facts of what has occurred are horrible: I will reserve the e book of the third installment for my next trip in a couple of weeks. I know of no other author who has such a grasp of the complexity of the mind.

Shut Your Eyes Tight (Dave Gurney, #2) by John Verdon

The plot line involves combining young women with a nymphomaniacal bent with older men with similar tastes, but deeper desires into the macabre, and the subsequent sacrifice of the women by chopping off their heads. A young bride has married a very successful psychiatrist and then, only moments before the wedding toast, the bride is discovered in a small cabin libri the property where the wedding is being held.

Open Preview See a Problem? There was just too much detail spent in the talking and build up that Dave did not even talk about the murder or see the video until about chapter No solo en un detalle que ellos mencionan sino en la forma.

John Verdon – Wikipedia

Return to Book Page. This isn’t just a fine polished quote delivered for convenience to satiate an inquiry from the press. I still enjoyed the book a lot, but I would have enjoyed it more had it not been for these two irritating factors.