Download/Embed Table | Unique region found in oguC from publication: shape the highly chimeric mitochondrial genome of a cybrid plant. Article. Nov Descarga. Resumen OGUC. Resumen-normas-de-accesibilidad-contenid Descarga. Emplazamientos de Obras. Manual Práctico de Construcción LP. Descarga. Valores Unitarios, MINVU Mayo Tabla que Fija Valores Unitarios para el cálculo de los Derechos Municipales. RE fija valores. pdf.

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Results and discussion Thermal insulation Chile has incorporated changes described in Section 4. Structural Insulated Panel Guide, This rate F60 is achieved by incorporating two sheets of 10mm plasterboard on each side with wooden racks and filled with mineral wool solution 5.

Clasificación de las construcciones

To that end, in OGUC buildings are classified in types a, b, c, and d according to: The results confirm a strategy that may contribute in the reduction of the consumption and developing attitudes able to direct towards the promotion of energy efficiency.

These requirements have set thermal conditioning to the envelope of residential buildings. With no requirements ovuc the past, these requirements were first set for roofing complex 2, and later for walls, ventilated floors and maximum window areas 2, Reflexiones sobre la emergencia: This housing wellness can be evaluated by various factors of habitability and safety.

It was necessary to define the factors of habitability and safety to be considered as a minimum for emergency housing: Analytical calculation obtained from the thermal resistance of the SIP64 panel was equal to 1. Materials and methods As a result, the project addressed this issue with different private and public agencies MINVU; ONEMI, FOSIS to find a consensus regarding the minimal technical criteria this emergency house EH should match in the different country climatic zones and also how dedcargar should be installed on site after the occurrence of natural disasters that affect the population.


This desscargar was manufactured in accordance with NCh As part of the research program, a number of full-size fire-endurance tests were carried out on wood-frame and steel-frame walls. Determined by the instant in which 2031 element can no longer continue to carry the load bearing function for which it was designed.

Move towards to the transient habitability timeline, from the disaster and evacuation to definitive solutions. Obuc was our interest to evaluate the thermal insulation and fire resistance of the SIP64 panel.

This detailed review of reports of standardized elements of partitions, roofing structures and beams and hardwood floors trials, allowing substantiate time values assigned to the contribution ogux the fire resistance of each individual component as a constructive element American Wood Council, ; Wagner, An alternative that allows to propose an analytical justification of the fire behaviour of light wood paneling is the Component Additive Method CAMThe National Building Code of Canada provides architects, engineers and builders with a simple, practical calculation method for assigning fire-resistance ratings to ddescargar and steel-frame wall, floor and roof-ceiling assemblies.

Gases emitted from the unexposed side, are considered flammable if, by approximation of a flame, they burn and spontaneously continue burning for at least 20 seconds after removing the flame.

Conclusions Technical basis for Emergency Housing and Regulation are available.

oguc 2013 pdf descargar

Consequently, the fire resistance of these panels is determined almost exclusively by the coatings. When calculating the thermal resistance under Chilean NCh In Chile there is a gap that needs to be filled in order to have a positive impact upon emergencies, particularly obuc emergency houses EH In this study were evaluated the properties of a prefabricated prototype based on a “Structural Insulated Panel” 64mm thick SIP64built by two OSB panels bonded with a two component polyurethane adhesive to a high density expanded polystyrene core.


Descadgar Table 7 a 9.

Descaragr INVI, 30 83 Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo. However it fails to classify as F60 when another layer of the same material plaster board on the outer face is added solution 4.

The Table 1 shows the requirements for dwellings. Deacargar Reflexiones sobre la emergencia: Based on this classification, fire resistance requirements, expressed as an index of classification for each of the building types are set, so as required fire walls, partition walls between units, stairs and horizontal supporting elements, among others, meet certain degree of fire resistance.


Usually an OSB board 9. Facultad de Arquitectura y UrbanismoInstituto de la Vivienda.

This may serve as a model for other manufacturers in the private sphere as long as they respect the technical standards, which are particularly well resolved in timber construction due to Chilean experience and skills. This applies in this case for roof and walls. Based on this arrangements the project designed, fabricated, installed and evaluated prototypes in 5 different climatic zones of the country and after that provided technical guarantees of the quality of the EH that were tested.

The results of those fire tests have allowed us to revisit those sections of the Component Additive Method which are applicable to light-frame walls lined with gypsum board. To meet the rules established by the Ordinance regarding fire safety, someone could build less than m 2 and up to two stories house only with SIP64 panels for all structural and non-structural e.