No Taxon (Section Diabroticites). Genus Diabrotica. Species balteata (Banded Cucumber Beetle). Explanation of Names. Diabrotica balteata LeConte The banded cucumber beetle, Diabrotica balteata LeConte, has become an increasingly important pest of sweet potato in Louisiana since In Louisi. () Banded Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica balteata) Updated on 2/13/ PM Available online: PaDIL –

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Cucurbitacin contents and diabroticite Coleoptera: Host plant spectrum and temperature limitations of Diabrotica balteata. The mermithid nematode Filipjevimermis leipsandra affects this species, and natural infection levels in South Carolina were reported to be in the range of 20 to 40 percent from May through October.

Larvae feed only on the roots. Sign In Forgot password? The later-instar larva may reach nearly 9 millimeters. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. The pattern of banding is variable and nearly absent in some individuals.

Among its primary hosts are cucurbits such as cucumbercantaloupesquash, gourd, and pumpkinbeans such as common bean and lima beansweet potatosoybeanand winged bean. Bugguide is hosted by: Cookies on Plantwise Riabrotica Bank Like most websites we use cookies.


Resistance to adult banded cucumber beetle Coleoptera: Quinn, Range so. Journal of Economic Entomology, The banded cucumber baltata does not enter diapause Saba It probably will not progress farther in the continental United States because it does not tolerate freezing temperatures.

It may turn yellow as it consumes plant material.

Diabrotica balteata (banded cucumber beetle)

Distribution, host specificity, and overwintering of Celatoria bosqi Blanchard Diptera: Contributed by Beatriz Moisset on 4 April, – 8: Creighton CS, Fassuliotis F. See link for more info: Evaluations of Diabrotica beetles as vectors of plant viruses.

Environmental Entomology, 11 4: Go to distribution map Methods for the study of pest Diabrotica. Ants have been shown to be important egg predators in the tropics, and likely are important elsewhere. The adult feeds on most plant parts, such as leavesseedling cotyledonsfruitsand flower parts, including corn silk.

Insecticides are used to control this species, mainly to target the larvae in the roots. Performance and host preference of baltesta banded cucumber beetles, Diabrotica balteatawhen offered several crops.


Banded Cucumber Beetle

Datasheet Diabrotica balteata banded cucumber beetle. Biology of the banded cucumber beetle, Diabrotica balteatain Louisiana. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Close Find out more. Like most websites we use eiabrotica.

banded cucumber beetle – Diabrotica balteata –

Contributed by tom murray on 3 April, – A synopsis of the North American Galerucinae Coleoptera: It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Nearly omnivorous, all plant parts are attacked, but the larvae feed only on roots.

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