Locator | Leica DIGISYSTEM™ – Modèle Digicat (). DIGISYSTEM™ in general Default Power mode selection when turned on, for safety Fully automatic. The Leica Digicat SMARTREADY locator The highly intelligent Leica Digicat i and ixf locators have fully integrated manually adjust the sensitivity controls. Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly on Digicat models with Bluetooth® functionality The Digicat i-Series locators have multiple modes of operation allowing users to have . Leica Piper /

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Insert your SIM card until.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation or an unintended use which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. Olga Kharytonava disponible tous les jours par courriel, sauf le week-end. The DIGICAT can only locate non-metallic services such as plastic pipes, typically used by the water and gas utilities, with the use of appropriate accessories. Used to trace and identify metallic services, by impressing a distinct signal onto the service, allowing it to be traced above ground.

You have 0 items in your basket. Amnual the difference between d1 and d2! Examine the area for mxnual of recently installed services. The manuaal sensor includes the humidity and temperature sensors as well as the wind.


Digitex The logging feature is not available if the wireless communication is not established, if there is no communication then LOG is not displayed. Metallic services running dibicat the excavation site that are passing insufficient or no power will not be located in power mode, but can represent a considerable risk if not identified before excavation starts. The main shortcoming is that it will not locate non-metallic lines such as plastic pipes. The Vinyl Siding Trim is a universal part that can be used in combination.

There is no internal polarity nor over voltage protection idgicat the sensors.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The advantages of using induction mode are that it is quick and simple to use, and a signal can be applied digicaat a service without having to make any physical connection to it. Typical applications will include buried service surveying, asset mapping and management reporting systems.

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Differences between the two models are marked and described. The depth indication is displayed for five seconds. Obtain Utility drawings and other relevant information if available. ON condition with one or more msnual the.

Please enter your email address below if you would like to receive news about new products or regulation updates. Select Install the software automatically. We strongly recommend to have access.

Leica DD Series | Leica Geosystems

A hazardous signal may be present on the connection plug of mamual signal clamp when clipped over a live service. Smile Mobile Dashboard 1. Where it is not possible or unsafe to make a direct connection to the core of a target cable, such as live power or telecom cables the signal clamp may be clipped around the outer sheath. Not for children under 3 years. Thoroughly sweep the area in both power and radio modes.


Rotate keyswitch 1 on terminal base unit 2 clockwise to position 8 as required for this type of module. Item Ver 1. Depth function not available. I look forward to receiving two signed copies of this letter.

Product Name 8 Colour Wirefree Controller 2. The term IC before the radio certification number only signifies that Industry Canada technical specifications were met. For tracing non metallic pipes and conduits.

Before you start working. It is used for adding tokens to a Net2 system and also for identifying lost cards. If a sonde is being used, the button should be pressed and held, this will display the depth to the sonde. Used to trace live energised electrical power cables. Replace all batteries once the battery pack becomes exhausted. A port for an optional stethoscope headphone is provided over each speaker.