Surgical outcomes of distal splenorenal shunt or liver transplantation in treatment of schistosomal refractory variceal bleeding. Wael Mohialddin Ahmed Doush1. the distal splenorenal shunt (dsrs) is a surgical procedure during which the vein from the spleen (called the splenic vein) is detached from the portal vein and. the distal splenorenal shunt (dsrs) procedure provides good long-term control of bleeding in many people with portal hypertension. dsrs controls bleeding in.

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Although surgical procedures were less frequently performed with endoscopic therapy and transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt TIPS development, it controls variceal rebleeding diztal. Although Linton’s splenorenal shunt is difficult and technically demanding, it is still routinely performed. Ethics approval Not applicable.

Distal splenorenal shunt

Proc R Soc Med ; Copyright American Medical Association. Obtaining an optimal segment of splenic vein is considerably easier after the fusion fascia has been dissected, because this dissection exposes a long segment of splenic vein that clearly adheres to the back of the pancreas.

We compared these patients with patients who underwent OLT during the same period without any preexisting shunt. Despite the introduction of new treatment methods, such as pharmacologic reduction of portal pressure, endoscopic sclerotherapy, and the coming of age of liver transplantation, surgical decompressive shunts still have a place in the overall treatment of portal hypertension.

Because splenorenal shunts are performed fairly frequently in India and other developing countries, and spleorenal Linton’s procedure is associated with several inherent difficulties, we developed an alternative technique Omar’s technique for the surgical treatment of portal hypertension. We divided the patients into 2 groups: All patients were given pneumococcal vaccine preoperatively diistal were seen at regular intervals postoperatively for follow-up, which ranged from 2 to 30 months.


Diagnostic procedures include the demonstration of ova in stool which occurs after 45 days of infection sometimes has low sensitivity and if negative the rectal biopsy has a beneficial role in diagnosis and healing control[ 2425 ].

Endoscopic band ligation is preferable splenorenall endoscopic sclerotherapy by reducing recurrent variceal bleeding risk and variceal stricture incidence in poor intolerance or beta-blocker therapy contraindications[ – ].

Distal splenorenal shunt procedure

Association of the therapeutic activity of disatl with the reversal of Symmers’ fibrosis induced by Schistosoma mansoni. The midline abdominal incision extended from xiphisternum to below the umbilicus. We reviewed our experience with distal splenorenal shunting DSRS in children, particularly when performed for the sole purpose of reversing severe thrombocytopenia resulting from portal hypertension.

Digital subtraction angiography Cerebral angiography Aortography Fluorescein angiography Radionuclide angiography Magnetic resonance angiography.

Sonographic prediction of variceal bleeding in patients with liver fibrosis due to Schistosoma mansoni. Varices in portal hypertension: Selective distal splenorenal shunt: Patients with chronic liver failure who are referred near the end of their disease process often will not survive the waiting period before a donor organ becomes available.

Xplenorenal improved platelet count allowed the four children with congenital hepatic fibrosis and renal failure to undergo renal transplantation sp,enorenal full posttransplant immunosuppression including azathioprine.

A tube in your vein IV that will carry fluid and medicine into your bloodstream A catheter in your bladder to drain urine An NG tube nasogastric shunr goes through your nose into your stomach to remove gas and fluids A pump with a button you can press when you need pain medicine As you are able to eat and drink, you will be given liquids and food.


The Emory prospective randomized trial: Reduction of morbidity in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis snunt after treatment with praziquantel: Preliminary report of a prospective, randomized trial”.

Distal Splenorenal Shunt | Cleveland Clinic

Immune modulation by helminthic infections: Selective trans-splenic decompression of gastroesophageal varices by distal splenorenal shunt. DSRS; Distal splenorenal shunt procedure; Renal – splenic venous shunt; Warren shunt; Cirrhosis – distal splenorenal; Liver failure – distal splenorenal; Portal vein pressure – distal splenorenal shunt. Portal hypertensive patients with well-preserved liver function and splenorenxl splenic vein complicated by refractory bleeding, because of extra-hepatic portal vein thrombosis[].

Natural history of portal hypertension in patients with cirrhosis. Next, the splenic vein ehunt isolated from the pancreas.

Complete vascular control of the splenic vein is an important advantage of this simplified technique. Risk factors for bleeding in patients with asymptomatic varices secondary to schistosomal portal hypertension.

Prevention of recurrent bleeding: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Am J Trop Med Hyg ; Three of these 5 patients have subsequently required OLT. N Engl J Med ; Vasoactive drugs for the treatment of bleeding esophageal varices.

With this procedure lung, spleen or brain embolization is the spleenorenal serious complication[ 6297 ].