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Below is a video of Prayer Kumail with English subtitles about 34 minutes: Hamba bermohon pada-Mu dengan kemurahan-Mu.

Mana mungkin jilatan apinya mengurungnya. Perbanyaklah bagian hamba pada setiap kebaikan yang Engkau turunkan. Engkau perintahkan mereka untuk berdoa pada-Mu. Thus sangkaanku nothing against you.

Who readily pleased, forgive Now I gather together the believers in Your presence. Engkau jaminkan pada mereka ijabah-Mu.

O Allah, do not I get forgiveness for my sins, for keburukanku no cover, nothing can replace amalku bad with kindness, but only you.

Wahai yang cepat ridha-Nya! Bless Muhammad and the Descendants of Muhammad I come now menghadapMu, O Divine with all the flaws, with all the iniquities transgressionwhile conveying the terjemaahn and regret with a broken heart melted, begging forgiveness and surrender, humbly acknowledging all kenistaanku.

Kumayl dimakamkan di suatu tempat bernama Tsaubah, yang terletak di antara Najaf al-Asyraf dan Kufah, di Iraq.

By your grace, you hide the ugliness. Forgive all the evils which thou hast commanded angels record. Engkau mengetahui kelemahan hamba. I have stretched forth my hands therefore, by Thy honour, respond to my O protector of the tegjemahan protection. I have persecuted me, Kumaol have dared to violate, because of ignorance; but I remained serene because lean on and you call your gift to me.


Dua E Kumail

Will you hear there the sound of Muslim slave imprisoned with due to keingkarannya, who feel punished before Allaah because sins are committed, which fall into it because sin and nistanya; he moaned to You by crave your grace, he menyeruMu tongue tauhidMu expert, he bertawasul Thee with RububiahMu Yes Divine, my Lord, my protector, my God.

Sungguh, semua ini tidak akan tercapai. Yes Rabbi, have mercy on my weakness, skin softness and fragility of bones.

Moreover affairs presumably would I stir Thee? Welcome to App Annie!

Ya Ilahi, Junjungan hamba, Pelindung hamba, Pemilik nyawa hamba! Ya Allah, hamba memohon pada-Mu. O Supreme repellent disaster.

Doa Malam Jum’at for Android – APK Download

Forgive me my such sins as would bring down calamity Semoga Allah melimpahkan kesejahteraan. Accept my apology and have pity on my intense sufferings and set me free from my heavy fetters of evil deeds Sign up to see feature placements for millions of apps.

Though I’m weak servant, poor, lowly, poor, and destitute. How could he expect from him the gift of freedom, and you leave it there O the All-Knowing without being told, tell your blessings on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad. O whose name is a drug, and that zikirNya is healing, that obedience to Him is the wealth Mana mungkin ia jatuh bangun di dalamnya. Nice, akhirnya nemu juga. Make all the time that I terjemagan through, kumial nights and my lunch was always filled with remembrance to you, connected to worship Thee, received amalku your side, so be all charity and prayer wird -ku sustainable entirely incorporated into venture worship one, and kekalkanlah my situation is always in worship Thee.


Dua E Kumail – [PPT Powerpoint]

Ali then advised Kumayl ibn Ziyad Nakha’i to recite this du’a on the eve of i. Forgive every sin that I have committed and every error that I have erred So hope will protect me from evil jinn and mankind from the my enemies. According to Allama Majlesi and Shia hagiography, Kumayl ibn Ziyad Nakha’i, a confidant of Ali ibn Abi Talib, had attended an assembly in the Mosque at Basra which was addressed by Imam Dooa in the course of which the night of the 15th of Sha’aban was mentioned.

If Thou wilt subject me to the penalties of hell in company of Thy enemies and cast me with those who merited Thy punishments O’ Thou unto Whom I express my distress!