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The key in service management using TIL. In the literature of service marketing, quality of service has been linked to satisfaction. However, in many cases, due documentaacion lack of b3 in ICT customers, IT service is one of the professional services that demand high credibility; therefore, it is not easy for customers to evaluate the quality of service, even after it has been delivered [26].

In the service field, significant changes have occurred due to the rapid increase of communication networks and the Internet. In most businesses, the doumentacion is relegated to the service desk and its owners, managers, and stakeholders. These processes take place during troubleshooting when the initial incident hypothesis is confirmed as being correct. This phenomenon certainly requires the support and consideration of Information Technology and Communications ICT and its evolution in recent years.

“Van Haren Publishing”

These may include training, account credentials, new hardware, license allocation, and anything else that the IT service desk offers. Information Systems Management 28 1pp. Tier-two incidents may be medium-priority issues, which need a faster response from the service desk. Service Desk is “the main contact point when users face a service interruption, when there is a request, or even when some changes are required.


In the service provision, it is imperative to have a Service Desk, which is an outstanding mechanism that allows communication between users and coordination points for groups and IT processes. To do this, the Service Desk must assume some responsibilities, such as the following: Key Concepts and Principles.

Second, it allows some issues to be automatically prioritized.

Listas de control ITIL

Incidents come from users in whatever forms the organization allows. First, it allows the service desk to sort and model incidents based on their categories and subcategories. This often requires the use of a temporary fix, or workaround.

A review and critique of research using.

Everyone has issues they need support or facilities staff to resolve, and handling them quickly aligns with the needs of users at all levels. For this reason, the authors propose that in order for an IT or non-IT organization to be able to introduce a service management based on the ITIL standard, one of the critical points will be the implementation of a Service Desk.

ITIL recommends the incident management process follow these steps: Conceptual framework and itik validation. What is ITIL incident management? Jia and Reich [29] conducted an investigation whose objective was to reduce the gap between the perceptions of customer service and management actions. The agent is actively working with the user to diagnose and resolve the incident.

ITIL Incident Management: Best Practices & Process Flow – BMC Software

Quality of service has been defined both from an objective approach as well as from a subjective one. Medium-priority incidents affect a few staff and interrupt work to some degree. Journal of Marketing, 49 ittilpp. This categorization would, in some organizations, be considered a high-priority incident that requires a major incident response.


These services through Internet and other IT services are based on the knowledge provided by experts in information technologies and systems, who offer these services to their customers [25]. ITIL offers organizations a set of strategies for continuous process monitoring, providing an organizational culture that generates greater benefits in service quality [40].

June 5 th ITSM mainly differs from traditional IT management with regard to the fact that it does not focus on technology but rather looks at IT and its services from a business perspective. Another tool used by incident management is the incident model. In particular, the Internet, known as “the great vehicle of service” [24], is altering the ways to provide and manage products and services, and the relationships between organizations and customers, which is leading to a redefinition of their value chains.

Documentcion their management is effective, changes are achieved which proactively adapt to the business strategy [41]. Journal of Service Marketing, 13 2pp.

Authoritative source of reference for the IT components, systems, and services that make up your business and IT environments. The use of this framework ensures that these IT services and the organizations that provide them are aligned all the time 3v the business processes they support, and with their objectives.