As a financial journalist for several prominent papers, author, Garet Garrett ( ) knew Wall Street well and wrote a series of novels. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book may have. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What are the motives that really control Henry M. Gait, central figure in one of.

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The focus on the motive power of man; and the classical liberal ideas of responsibility, hard work, individuality and private property.

The Driver (novel) – Wikipedia

It is certainly not in the same class as Atlas Shrugged but what is? Whose hearts we touch; whose lives we inspire. Coxey’s Army wanted dricer demand from Congress a law by which unlimited prosperity and human happiness might be established on earth.

He thereby exhibited how invaluable he was to the railroad. It starts off with the narrator following Coxey’s Army which was basically the “Occupy Wallstreet” of Steel and oil were in great demand and national transportation and drjver networks drivdr being developed.

The novel captures the essence of the progressive era of America that spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Org reprint, which is said to have less reproduction problems than this reprint.

In addition, the book is drlver with very quotable material on economics and human nature that is surprisingly relevant to the modern day. Jasyn Saffo rated it liked it Jan 22, Byhe had become a well known writer for the Sun newspaper — in New York.

As a result, his family faces social ostracism, Wall Street turns against him, and he is attacked under the antitrust act that had been enacted as special interest regulation to protect less-efficient firms.


He harshly dismissed employees who hindered the company and rewarded employees who advanced it. A speculator turned tycoon named Henry M. The narrator ends up working as a secretary for a railroad. They built agendas, waged campaigns and organized coalitions — the clamoring of the populace serving to enhance the volume of the debate, lending it energy and purpose if not substance; for that they already had.

Paperbackpages. Today — of course — novels are reserved for the likes of Tom Clancy and Dan Brown — cotton candy of the mind, serving better the big screen where ideas come in last place after violence and sex. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Commerce brings people together in a common cause of overcoming the embedded scarcity of this world and bringing progress, instead of poverty.

Nouveau artists and Hollywood stars who feel entitled to lead through the sheer brazenness of their banality — juxtaposed as it always is against ignorance masquerading as outrage; condescension as thought; opinion as understanding.

In addition, the book is laced with very quotable material on ec a great read underpinned by great principles My son, knowing of my fondness for The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, gave me this book for Christmas. I’m not sure how common this was at the time. Through the reinvestment of profits he was able to make his railroad stronger.

Garrett has a way of illustrating just what it takes to be a businessman of this sort, and how his mind alone becomes the source of a fantastic revenue stream. This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Mar 17, Kathryn Muratore rated it liked it.

Committed to reality and action. It was Harriman who established standards for locomotives, cars, bridges, structures, signals, and so on.

The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement. One of his key moves was to issue new securities using the proceeds to invest in the reconstruction of the Great Midwestern. Yet we continue on, with the confidence that somewhere in the darkness our words are finding a resting place.


The Driver

Lists with This Book. An alarmed Congress resolves to investigate Galt and his business dealings and summons him to appear before a Committee of the House.

That would keep people from going crazy with prosperity at one time and committing suicide at another time …. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Published April 1st by Ad Publishing first published Unfortunately, Garrett also includes a disappointing, confusing, frustrating, and mostly irrelevant subplot dealing with Galt’s family. He bought things that nobody else wanted, saw what others did not see, worked hard, managed well, and created great wealth. And I don’t need any help.

What is great about this is how it explicitly shows that government regulation is fascistic as it is usually garrettt competitors usning the club of the state to cripple the most cutting edge company.

Gadet loved it especially as one loves an underdog. It channels competitive energies into service for garrrtt. They were a rare breed, but there is much more to Garrett than people know.

Although Valentine is appointed as receiver, Galt intelligently and diligently studies records, data, and statistics to develop harrett strategic plan of reorganization to save and rebuild the Great Midwestern. Ross rated it it was amazing Oct 24, It has excitement, romance, history, compelling opinion, and a story that gareh brings the 19th century to life.

Garrett tells that story like a master of the craft.