DS 26237 PDF

DS 26237 PDF

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In addition to its roles in cleaving procollagen, BMP-1 cleaves other extracellular matrix macromolecules including prolysyl oxidase 6probiglycan 7and prolaminin-5 8.

Latent denotes the latent form of BMP The product was digested using appropriate restriction enzymes, gel-purified, and introduced in place 2637 the corresponding wild-type fragment in BMP-1myc. The results are summarized in Fig.

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Recombinant BMP-1 was assayed for procollagen C-proteinase activity using human 14 C-labeled type I procollagen substrate and analysis of the cleavage products on SDS gels as described 3. The pcDNA3 vector containing the cDNA for BMP-1myc was transfected into COS-7 cells, and the conditioned culture medium and the cell lysate were analyzed by Western blotting using the 9E10 antibody which detects the c-myc tag at the C terminus of the molecule and the neoepitope antibody which was raised to a peptide corresponding to the 10 residues at the N terminus of mature BMP Figure 3 Cleavage of type I procollagen by recombinant BMP-1myc analyzed under non-reducing conditions.

The proteins were secreted mostly as mature BMP CrossRef Medline Google Scholar. It has been shown for astacin that Glu 93 and Tyr are essential for catalytic activity The neoepitope anti-peptide antibody detected only the mature enzyme, which occurred in the culture medium and not in the cell lysate.

The concentration of BMP-1 molecules was normalized. Cleavage occurs between a specific alanine or glycine residue depending on the procollagen chain and an invariant aspartic acid residue in each of the three chains of procollagen.


Noteworthy, when astacin binds its substrate, the residues in the substrate N-terminal to the fs i. Source of Materials Polymerase chain reaction products were purified with a Qiaquick kit Qiagen.

It has been suggested that the equivalent disulfide bond in BMP-1 is formed between Cys 65 and Cys 85 Small quantities of latent BMP-1myc were detected in some samples. The costs of publication of this article were defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. View this article with LENS.

The Xcm I site is located at nucleotide Subsites are shown as arched lines. BMP-1 and its larger splice variant mammalian tolloid are important in development 9as well as embryo patterning in Drosophila 10Xenopus 11and sea urchin 12 This loop contains Lys Red indicates residues that are different between BMP-1 and astacin and that also occur at functionally significant sites in the proteins. Secondary antibodies were either horseradish peroxidase conjugated to anti-mouse or anti-rabbit IgG and were detected by the enhanced chemiluminescence method Supersignal West Dura Extended Duration; Pierce.

This approach is made possible by the fact that the metalloproteinase domain of BMP-1 shares high sequence homology with astacin, whose x-ray crystal structure is known This included astacin, BMP-1, mammalian tolloid, mammalian tolloid-like-1, mammalian tolloid-like-2, and meprins.

Human type I procollagen 0. The study also showed that the introduction of the c-myc tag at the C terminus of BMP-1 did not prohibit subsequent assays of PCP activity. Nevertheless, these experiments demonstrated that, in COS-7 cells, removal of the prodomain is not a prerequisite for secretion of the protein.

Bold indicates homologous substitutions. In this study we used information from the three-dimension structure of astacin, the x-ray crystal 26273 of astacin in complex with a transition state inhibitor 20and the primary structures of different members of the astacin family to identify residues in BMP-1 that might account for the procollagen C-proteinase activity of BMP However, the fact that the C65A mutant was well secreted raised the possibility that another cysteine residue could substitute for Cys 65 in bonding to Cys The observation that the culture medium es cells transfected with the E94A 2627 did not contain detectable PCP activity also validated the use of COS-7 cells as a good model cell system in which to express recombinant BMP The cleaved C-propeptides CP migrate as a single disulfide-bonded trimer.



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After 72 h post-transfection the cells were lysed, and the proteins in the culture medium were concentrated on YM membranes. All the mutants exhibited reduced PCP activity.

In astacin the active site zinc is pentacoordinated by three histidines, a unique tyrosine residue in the Met turnand a water molecule. Cleavage of type I procollagen by recombinant BMP-1myc analyzed under non-reducing conditions.

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Articles by Kadler, K. Plasmids were extracted with a Qiaprep spin miniprep kit Qiagen. This is a direct analogy with what happens in astacin when Trp 65 the equivalent of Cys 66 in BMP-1 backs onto the P1 position of 2623 astacin substrate.

Kaleidoscope protein molecular weight standards high range were from Bio-Rad.


Lane 114 C-labeled type I procollagen 0. In some experiments we noticed that latent BMP-1 was detected in the culture medium.

In this study we have used site-directed mutagenesis to identify rs in the metalloproteinase domain of BMP-1 that are important for its PCP activity. Polymerase chain reaction products were purified with a Qiaquick kit Qiagen. The results showed that BMP-1myc was secreted into the culture medium mostly as the mature enzyme.

Journal of Lipid Research.