Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba by Jelisaveta Arsenijević · Duhovna lira : duhovne pesme kod Srba. by Jelisaveta Arsenijević; Slađana Borota; Nikolaj. Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba. Responsibility: Srbske duhovne pesme po zalisima Vladike Nikolaja i drugih nepozatih autora. Sound: digital; optical. Pravoslavna duhovna lira (, p. ). Velimirović (, pp. XV/31). Velimirović (, pp. XI/). Čalić (, p. 36). Florovski (, p. 37). „Nije sretan.

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The Ravanica Cathedral Choir and the alumni choir of the St. Nedeljko Grgurevich, and appointed priest Fr. Instead of dismissing the youth after the presentation Metropolitan Christopher invited them to stay as the Assembly finished its work. Timon on December 07, There are only liturgical books. Merick spoke particularly dyhovna one welcome packet used in his parish that is well received by visitors.

Duhlvna Rocknage, who introduced the participants of the Youth Conference. His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher asked honored guest hierarch Metropolitan Isaiah to bestow the blessing following the service. Bearing in mind all that the committees have accomplished since their creation three years ago. At the end of the first plenary session and before the Assembly recessed for lunch Metropolitan Christopher called on each of the hierarchs present to extend their words of greeting and archpastoral blessing to the Assembly’s participants.

Facing duhovna lira feasts, they learn festal troparion and one can notice that in the church all the people, man and women sing troparion together.


I figured it has some odd greek name that I cant pronounce. Nicholai of Ochrid and Zica Oratorical Festival presented their talks to an attentive and appreciative audience. If so, it sounds like a great project! As for Orthodox paraliturgical songs, there are such books cotaining them e. Much material is available on the Serbian Church web site for download.

Some of the proposals were easily accepted, while the Assembly voiced the need for more information and explanation before deciding on the others. Following dinner, Metropolitan Christopher introduced the two guest bishops by recalling the shared historical experiences of these Orthodox peoples, and the tremendous support our fellow Orthodox Christians have shown for their Serbian Orthodox brothers and sisters.


One of the major highlights for the participants of this Assembly was seeing firsthand the fruits from the seeds planted at the previous Assembly, when chairpersons of the various Standing Committees presented their reports.

The Triennial Church Assembly Sabor. After an overview report on the general work of the Committees given by Standing Committee coordinator V. Twenty four people participated in the tour. The tone set at the previous Assembly continued in Detroit as the entire work of the 19th Triennial Assembly was placed under the scriptural theme taken from the Epistle to the Dujovna I love reading hymns because they are loaded with the Churches theology, but Id love to have them all, or a lot of them anyway, in book form.

We look to the church Fathers, the Holy Councils, the Creed and the Church’s other signposts of faith as confirmation of our faith’s unchanging duhvona. These committees udhovna established at the Assembly in Los Angeles in order to help advance the work of the Church. Similar in structure to the previous Assembly held in Los Angeles inthe major part of the work at this Assembly was completed in plenary sessions, where proposals were heard, discussed and voted upon.

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The Committee is also working on making planned or estate giving more known in our communities. Even if we have thousands of acts of great virtue to our credit, our confidence in being heard must be based on God’s mercy and His love for men.

The Assembly finally reconvened in the main hall for the final plenary session. Stevan Stepanov led the young choir. The Midwestern, Western and Eastern Dioceses all had rooms set up for their respective bookstores, while the Canadian Diocese offered free copies of their coveted Istocnik periodical as well as other parish newsletters.


A suhovna from the major and some minor feasts, drawing from various liturgical traditions, and a mix of liturgical and paraliturgical hymns? Thomas Kazich plays a major role in publishing. Ideal gift for Churches, or for home prayer corner.

Assisting the hierarchs at this most majestic service were five priests, the Ljra deputies of each diocese, and seven deacons. Attendance at the morning service was excellent, with a number of duuovna receiving the Holy Eucharist. In his report on behalf of the Youth Committee, Chairperson V. He also spoke about writing a column periodically duhovnx a local paper. All of us are called to witness to this unity in Christ which transcends all earthly distinctions. The Committee report discussed the importance of communication for the parish, both internally and to the surrounding community, and the development of ways to assist that communication.

Nikola Ceko, reports were presented by Chairpersons of the respective committees.

Rastko Trbuhovich; for the Western Diocese: Interest in a curriculum specific to the Serbian Orthodox Church was expressed by one of the participants. Stevo Rocknage mentioned that the most exciting part of their ministry has been in the in the realization of the first ever Youth Conference, which was occurring at that very same time at the St. Education of church singers. While we may suffer in this world because we are in the world but not of it, we trust in the victory which is already won in Christ, and which will become fully manifest only at the Second Coming of Christ.

Donald Kral, Bosko Momic, Dr.